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Until he earns it

"No need for the teachers (and I am one) to start screaming about not getting a raise. There will be few raises this year and many people are going to be laid off.

"We can be thankful that we are rid of the last scoundrel and not be so fast to paint such a label on this one ... until he earns it."

Don't know him

"To the ranter in Tuesday's paper: I've never heard of Joe Foss. I'm sure the newspaper you referred to wasn't the only one that didn't carry a story about him. And I say that with all due respect to whoever he was."

Why freebies?

"Why should the staff at the high school be given free passes to athletic events? Just because they work in the schools doesn't make them any different than the fans who work in the mills and on the assembly lines. Should people who work in the tax office get free tags?"


"Comparing crime in Berlin and in Moultrie is totally absurd. That's like saying because we don't need cops in Murphy then we don't need them in Chicago. If you're going to make a point, don't compare apples to oranges. They both grow on trees but after that the resemblance drops off sharply."

Politics 101

"I just read Mr. Smith's letter to the editor. Sir, you have just got a course in Politics 101. And for those of us who already have our honorary degrees in that area, it's amusing to hear the clamoring now."

Yep, snookered

"Yep. You folks got snookered. What you don't realize and what Mr. Perdue doesn't realize is that he wasn't being voted for. Barnes was being voted against. Mr. Magoo could have won that election. And that's about what we've got now."

Dead pets

"I agree with the comment about people leaving dead pets out in the road in front of their houses. I've seen this happen a lot around here. Once, I even stopped and moved a pup that had been run over. I have no idea who it belonged to. I just could stand seeing it lying there with cars passing around it."

Skim off facade

"Mr. Smith, apparently you never did understand that it was the big business Republicans up in Atlanta that pushed Barnes and his group to get rid of the old state flag.

"Do you really think those same people are going to let him bring it back? When it comes to politics, it's not always what it looks like on the surface. You've got to skim off the facade to see what's really going on."

Not quite a lie

"Hey flag folks! Sonny didn't lie to you. He said he will call for a referendum. He just didn't tell you the part about it being non-binding. Of course from what I've seen so far, he may not have known.

"Sonny has begun to look like a one-term governor already."

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