It was NAFTA

"Once again you have people, who are given an opportunity to make statements, that do not know what they are talking about. The out sourcing of jobs in America is due to NAFTA. NAFTA was a done under Clinton. As best I remember he was a Democrat. The idea that all Republicans are big business tycoons is false."

I doubt it

"I manage a business housed inside a nice building with central heating and air conditioning. The work is not hard, yet my employees fail to show up for work at least once a week. Do you think these American citizens are going to pick tomatoes? I doubt it."


"Is it me or has anyone else noticed that every since school has started back it's been money, money, money ,money. I have two kids in school-- one in 12th and one in 8th grade.

Why can't they pick a better time of the year to sell something than near the holidays knowing kids will hit their parents up for it ,just like Monday the school sent home a paper for 8th grade class rings and the money is due Thursday, some parents can't come up with the money that soon. I think some of this could wait till after the first of the year."

He is wrong

"In regards to the chicken houses in Worth County, the professor is wrong about all chicken houses in the state being welcomed neighbors. Have you ever been to Boggy Pond Plantation when the wind is blowing from the nearby chicken houses?"

Where to look

"If you want to know how chicken houses have effected a community see the university study at"


"We're going to keep on having these high speed chases around here until someone gets killed."


"Again today in The Moultrie Observer I read about an enormous amount of crime. It would appear that we have become a place of outlaws."

Their joke

"My out-of-town friends joke with me about the crimes that are reported in Moultrie and Colquitt County. They say things like, "Hey, how are things over there in Tombstone?"

What's that?

"What's that? Robert Novak has written a column critical of George Bush. Has he just now noticed the arrogance or was this just a pet project that didn't go his way and now he's mad about it?"

On the curve

"I want to state to the person who sent me all of that literature that I am not a member of the 'Christian Right.' I am just a Christian operating my personal life through the grace of God. I have no political agenda associated with my faith. As Mr. Walden has pointed out in his columns, we had all better hope that God grades on the curve."

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