“A ‘recession’ is defined as two or more periods of negative GDP growth and is a normal part of the economic cycle. We currently have not had a single period of negative growth, although we have had historically low growth. So when the media says over and over that we are in a recession yes, they are overstating the poor state of the economy.

My recession

“I can tell you right now I’m in a recession. And I’m getting pretty depressed about it. I can hardly afford gas to drive to work.

More to it

“ I, too, am a Berlin resident and I agree with the other ranter who stated that there must be more to the Chief resigning than we know. Chief Evers did not just decide to resign one night for no apparent reason. Will someone tell us what's really going on?

I agree

“Yes, there needs to be something done with our young people crossing the street on Veteran's Parkway. It is a dangerous place after school and the police do nothing but stand there and watch. Something needs to be done and soon. I pray it happens before we lose a young person crossing the street.

I think a cross walk is a good idea or crossing guards. I have called the school board, and I guess my concerns fell on death ears.

Parent action

“There is something that can be done about the kids crossing veterans parkway. It is called parents putting their foot down and stop allowing them to go to Wal-Mart so they can be picked up there. Learn to pick them up at the school instead of across the road.

Taking a stand

“Where in the heck were you people on Sept 11, 2001 when we were fired upon with such devastation that it affected this whole country? They used our planes and our fellow citizens to send a definite message that this was only the beginning.

I for one am glad that our president did not sit on his laurels and do nothing. I for one am glad he took a stand for all of us. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that time and time again that this was his war.


“Thank you Mr. Mark Powell for keeping the best interests of the citizens of Norman Park in the forefront. It's obvious that you have a vision on how to move our fine city forward instead of having a hidden agenda.

Any decisions that you make will obviously be by educating yourself on our problems and research on how to solve them.

The talk about us being another Mayberry is ludicrous. This is the year 2008 not 1955.

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