For Sept. 27

I agree

"I agree with the comment about Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson being dangerous to our society. Those fundamentalists have always tried to block progress and blame everyone who doesn't agree with their beliefs for all our problems. Intolerance and hatred is what fueled the terrorist attacks and they have the same mindset. The power of the state over the church is the only thing staying their hands or they would be telling us what to wear, where we could go on vacation, and what church to attend. Hopefully most people can see what bigots they are and laugh at them and not take them seriously."

Why Falwell

"Why does the news media feel compelled to interview Rev. Jerry Falwell when it comes to national events. He can use his agenda to condemn most anything that he doesn't agree with. It would be much more interesting to me to hear from someone like the Rev. Billy Graham."

On patriotism

"I believe if you are an honorable person, a law-abiding citizen, lead your people to believe in God and our nation and what it stands for -- helping our fellowman -- then you are a patriot. Just because you pick up a stick with a flag on it and wave it around, in no way makes you a patriot."


"As for the voter turnout in the SPLOST election, anyone who has read the paper would have known this election was taking place."

In response

"To the gay person. Who is your God? Do you understand Islamism? I think you need to read Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Kings and Romans."

Fly the flag

"I went to the high school concert and I would like to commend the students and staff. It was a beautiful event. They presented the flags and colors and it was gorgeous. It was a little disturbing that the high school does not have the flag flying on the flag pole. We should do something about that."

Quit the nonsense

"To the one who said you would have to explain to your children and grandchildren why you didn't serve your country: Winston Churchill addressed this to the cold miners in World War II. If it wasn't for the farmers, the mothers, the dads and the American work force just keeping this country afloat while you're off fighting wars, there wouldn't be anything left to defend. You don't have to be a soldier to be a patriot. Your comments were of poor choice. I think we need to quit this nonsense and just be Americans."

I forgive you

"To the person who took the nice American flag off my property, I assume you couldn't afford it. I hope you are waving that flag and are enjoying it. In that case, I forgive you."

Tell my children?

"I've never served in the military. However, I support this country through taxes and often as a volunteer. I vote and I am proud of this country and love it dearly. I will tell my children and grandchildren, some of who may indeed serve in the military, that patriotism is not defined solely by military service. In fact, I have known some who served in the military who don't act very patriotic. Obviously, we can't all be soldiers. And right now, I think we need all the support we can get whether one has been a soldier or not. Let's don't waste time pointing fingers at each other when there is something we can all do -- we can pray."

I disagree

"In reference to Mr. Maxwell's letter. No, I don't think we should have stopped the election. That's what the terrorists wanted. They wanted to interrupt our democracy. If anything, the tragedy in New York and Washington, D.C., should have caused more people to go to the polls. Comparing an election day to not having a ball game aired is comparing apples to oranges."

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