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"I am outraged at the state of Georgia and its Child Support and Recovery! They are the worst example I have ever seen as far as helping mothers that need support money from the fathers. It seems that they help the father more than they do the mother these days. I can't believe that a father would just not care about his child anymore. After all it takes two! I wish things would change for the better!"

Traffic lights

"Almost every morning while traveling north through downtown I catch a red light all the way. This doesn't do anything to help me get to work on time. Perhaps there would fewer rants and raves about my tailgating and recklessly weaving in and out of traffic if the lights were more ordered."

Write about it

"The window tint issue seems to be the hot topic in the rant or rave column. I hope everyone knows that has complained about it that if you don't agree with the law, write the appropriate person to get the law changed. Now, what's the next complaint gonna be?"

Dart tints

"Dark tints, by definition, seem to fit somebody who is trying to hide something while on a public road. If our ancestors' horse and buggies did not need any dark tint covering, there is no need for them now either, quite aside from the issue of the safety of peace officers, which is a real threat to public safety that criminals would not hesitate to use."

Quit whining

"In reference to the window tint whiner. So what if you were busted for it or if you just don't agree with the law about window tint. Blaming the police for your wrongdoing will not change anything! Grow up, admit you were wrong, and move on! Get window tint that's legal."

No patience

"About learning disabilities: I think some teachers just follow the assessment of a previous teacher. They don't make their own assessment. Therefore that supposed problem just follows the child along. Some teachers just don't have the patience for children."

In response

"In reference to Mr. Kaufman's letter about not subsidizing farmers: That may be okay, but without subsidizing farmers, there wouldn't be very many hamburger stands because there wouldn't be any lettuce, tomatoes and onions that complement those hamburgers."

Flag issue

"The Museum of Colquitt County History flies historical flags. The new Georgia flag is not historical. It's hysterical."

No counseling

"Why hasn't there been any grief counseling at the high school following the death of one of our classmates?"

Be cordial

"Whatever happened to 'thank you, have a nice day, come back to see us' in restaurants?"

Would you do it?

"How many of those people complaining about migrants are willing to work stooped over in a hot field all day?"

My remedy

"Let's pull all of our young able-bodied people out of the welfare rolls and put them in the fields. Then we won't need the migrants."

Blue collar

"In reference to getting pay raises for teachers: I'm a blue collar worker. Why not get us a pay raise?"

Good music

"I want to applaud the radio station AM 1400 for providing good Southern gospel music."

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