For July 20

Think again

"To all the people who like bashing those of us real Southerners who enjoy our heritage, yes we vote, yes we speak our minds and no we don't sit back and let a bunch of carpetbaggers run over us.

"And for those of you who wish the flag issue was over, think again!"

Be careful

"Be careful what you wish for. If we truly had one-man-one vote, if we did away with Electoral College, then Al Gore would be president."


"One can be a true Southerner without being an idiot. It's funny how a small pebble make so much noise in a large can."

Being responsible

"I have an ATV. I use it responsibly. I do not ride it on the highway. It is both recreational and functional. I have no problem with law enforcement tightening up on those who violate the laws in this regard."

Senate hearings?

"One would think from reading Rant and Rave that we are about to have Senate hearings on the All-Star program here. I would hope that the kids aren't paying too much attention to all of this ruckus. I would hate for them to get the idea that playing baseball in the summer time is not fun."

Community pride

"I saw a fellow walking along a city street today picking up trash. Obviously this was something he did out of community pride. Too bad we don't all view our neighborhoods in this fashion."

Good news

"I understand that the lady who wrote the letter about her dog being stolen got it back. I was truly worried for her and her child. I've been through similar events. To whoever was responsible for getting it back to her, I personally thank you."

Another issue

"What's the point of cleaning up the old Swift plant when you've got a junkyard just a little ways up the road on the same entrance to our city?"

Wave goodbye

"So the governor is coming down here for a visit. Be sure to wave goodbye to him when he leaves. Remember the flag!"

I'm impressed

"I am impressed that other cities are coming to Moultrie to see how well we have improved the downtown look. I walked around the square recently and I was filled with pride."

In response

"I would like to echo the comments about why we have an extra penny sales tax in Colquitt County compared to Thomas County. A whole cent goes to our educational system and has been applied there for many years. This means this particular amount is not coming off our ad valorem taxes each year."

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