For Oct. 11

Lunch issue

"In reference to the child being denied lunch because he didn't have his I.D., Williams Middle School has a line for kids who do not have an I.D."

Put it on hold

"I think we should put on hold naming of the East Bypass. I'm leaning toward Veterans Parkway. I think, relative to what is going on right now, the veterans are going to be more appreciated."

Many thanks

"I want to thank the family that sent me a stove and refrigerator in memory of my husband who passed away recently. It was one of the best deeds anyone could have done for me."

Full house

"It was a shame to sell more tickets than you had seats at the concert."

We understand

"I can understand about how you feel about bumpy roads on J.O. Stewart Road. We on the Jim Sharpe and Murray McCranie roads feel the same way. Let's see if our commissioners meant what they said about tax money being spent on roads."

Local support

"I agree that a lot of people here need help. I wonder where are these donations going to. We need to support some of the local people in need."

Economic confusion

"President Bush is lowering taxes to spur the economy. So why is Colquitt County raising another sales tax -- to slow the economy?"

Who should pay

"I agree with the ranter who said airlines should pay for their own security. A lot of us don't use the airlines. Also, farmers should pay the health benefits of illegal immigrants. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the farmers. But the bills should be paid by those directly benefiting."

Why him?

"Has anyone wondered why the news media keeps calling on Henry Kissinger for his comments and thoughts on major issues. He sold us out."

In response

"About whether wealthy people should be drafted into the military first: My suggestion is that we pray that there is no need for a draft."


"I took an adorable cat to the animal shelter recently. They told me they no longer took them. What do they take, elephants?"

Flag at school

"I go to the high school and I haven't seen the flag flying on the flag pole until now."

My suggestion

"I think the East Bypass should be named Magnolia Parkway. That's a good depiction of our community."

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