For Sept. 14

Need a forum

"The education of our young people should be important to every citizen of Colquitt County, whether you are a parent or whether you are an employer. I think it's imperative that we have a public forum on block scheduling and that the school board members be present, and that everyone hears the pros and cons."

Caring community

"Thanks for all your help in getting my car out of the ditch in front of the Country Club. I was in the process of calling AAA, but who needs AAA when you have a caring community like Moultrie? Thanks, friends."

Play fair

"Hey, eighth grade coaches, why is it that we have some so-called superstar players who can miss practices but still start the football games? Come on coaches, let's play fair."

Block issue

"Well parents, from what I've heard and seen, the high school principal and superintendent have already decided that we're going to have block scheduling. Different song, same tune. Parents don't count."

Tax issue

"Property owners are victims of double and triple taxes. We pay city and county property taxes, plus we pay any additional sales taxes that the elected officials deem are necessary to be used for frivolous projects. I will vote no on any new taxes they propose."


"I was upset to learn that our teachers allowed students as young as first graders to watch the news coverage of the terrorist attack on our country. It should be a parent's decision how to explain this tragedy to their children. After all, it's the parents that have to answer the questions and comfort the children when they have nightmares."

Positive minded

"This is a very special thank you for the positive minded people who had a part in bringing Farmland Beef to Moultrie."


"Why hasn't the County Commission announced its election and qualifying times? Are they so afraid that the line would be so long that the courthouse couldn't hold all of the people seeking their jobs?"

More on taxes

"Remember citizens, there's nothing that says that the county commission can't still raise property taxes, even if we approve the special tax."

Everyone helps

"No one likes to pay taxes. But we must accept responsibility of keeping up our facilities and improving our community. The sales tax provides that everyone helps with this effort, not just the property owners."

Great service

"I'd like to give a great big thank you to CRMC, and especially to the volunteers. The Pink Ladies are wonderful. The Red Coats are marvelous. If not for them, visitors would have a hard time finding their way around."

Many thanks

"I just want to say thanks to the man who stayed with me until the ambulance got there when I had a wreck on the Bay-Rockyford Road. Many thanks for a fine patron."

Illegal immigrants

"How can an illegal immigrant pay taxes in the United States when they don't even have a Social Security card or green card? Think about it. There's no way they could be paying it."

Fair tax

"The one percent sales tax is the fairest to all concerned."

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