For Nov. 8

Great experience

"Thanks to everyone who had a part in the musical "Experiencing God". To me it was truly a worshipful experience."

When He returns

"When Jesus returns, He will not be here to help the lame, sick and hungry. He will be back to judge us."


"The malpractice suit should have been moved to another county."

An angel

"I want to thank the young lady who helped me when I fell last Saturday in a shopping center parking lot. Angels do appear when least expected."

Whose money?

"Did Bush use his own money to campaign for the Republican candidates or was it taxpayer money? If it was taxpayer money, I would like a reimbursement."


"Liberals are good in many ways but they go too far when they get into our justice system. They are too soft on crime and thus criminals have no fear."

In response

"It's good that some of our business leaders have stood up against the Economic Development Authority on the issue of where to put an industrial park."

On religion

"In reference to Mr. Morton's letter: He has taken the position that we don't have religious freedom. He has taken the position that we only have denominational choice. In other words, his position translates the First Amendment to mean that we can choose Protestant or Catholic or any of its subdivisions. However, his theory of what our Founding Fathers intended does not include 'none of the above.' Study your history Mr. Morton with an open mind. We have the right to embrace our faith to the utmost. We do not have the right to impose it upon other people, only to share it with them."

Another view

"I can appreciate Mr. Morton's letter on religion and I uphold his right to state his position. However, I disagree with him immensely. While faith, in its many forms, accompanied the discovery of this continent and its development, economics was the driving force in this and all other geographical expansions. For the most part, faith was not the vehicle. It was a side effect. That's not to say there's anything wrong with that, but the Mayflower is only a very small part of our history."

In response

"Mr. Morton, you made reference in your letter to the editor about 'inalienable rights.' You do realize, don't you, that when this was penned it referred to white males only. There should have been an asterisk attached to that initial statement. Since then, much has been done to give true meaning to that original statement. For instance, women can now vote and blacks can no longer be owned as slaves. References to our past are only as functional and valid as our ability to recognize our flaws and our resolve to become better."

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