For Nov. 23

On the north side

"I live on U.S. 319 North and I count just as many trucks going north as I do south. It's a connector route between I-10 and I-75. We who live on U.S. 319 accept it. This thing about where to put an industrial park is nothing more than bickering. We need jobs in Moultrie."


"The land at Spence Field is under a long-term lease to Expo and not viable as an industrial park. Would you put a business in one of the existing parks? I wouldn't."

In response

"How much money did we pay consultants to analyze sites for an industrial park? I bet it was more than $20,000. And now we reject their advice? Sounds like somebody's money is talking."

Stop and think

"Please, hurry down to Tallahassee and tell Leon County authorities what a tragic mistake they've made building a new high school adjacent to U.S. 319. On your way back, please alert the Thomas County Central High School to what impending disaster they are facing. They share U.S. 319 bypass with the U.S. 84 bypass. Their children's lives are in great peril. And why are we building our new vocational college on such a dangerous thoroughfare? I live on U.S. 319 and I count as many trucks going north as I do south. Stick to your PTO fund raising."

Not adding up

"Moultrie-Colquitt County is among the top 32 largest schools in the state. Its coaching staff is among the highest paid in the state. Yet they can't produce a championship football team. Things are not adding up."

Accept defeat

"If mistakes were made in the recent election, Sen. Ragan has only himself, the General Assembly and the governor to blame. They designed the most convoluted districts imaginable in an admitted attempt to keep Democrats in power. The recount was understandable. Now it's time for Sen. Ragan to drop the suit and accept his defeat."


"There's another tree leaning toward the roadway near where the recent tragedy occurred that took a young man's life. This needs to be addressed right away."

Flag issue

"If Sonny Perdue wants to address the flag issue, then let him change it back to the pre-1956 flag and everybody wins."

Park site

"Most of those who have opposed the new industrial park site have served on the EDA or EDC at one time. With their record, we had better not listen to them."

Taylor is right

"I never thought I would agree with a Democrat about anything, but Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor is right. Let the flag issue die. I'm a Southerner and I don't need a flag to remember my roots. The Civil War has been over for 137 years. Let's quit fighting it over and over. We can't change the past but we can shape the future. Foremost we are Americans."

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