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"The West Nile Virus has killed about 30 people in the last 10 years and all we can worry about is mosquitoes. The Muslims killed about 3,500 on 9-11 and we want to go after all of them. And drunk drivers have killed about 20,000 people this last year."

Not a waste

"Watering cotton is not a waste. It is a life line for many of today's farmers. Watering your yard, however, is another story. Your lawn has as no economic value and as one ranter pointed out about cotton, can not be eaten either."

Drug bust

"Recently there was a large drug bust in our neighborhood. Everyone on the street suspected illegal activity and many people called the local authorities over time. It seemed that nothing was being done until we learned that the house had been under observation for a long time and that the police were waiting until the right time so that the dealers could be put away.

"We all need to learn from this and be patient with our police, sheriff, and other law enforcement officers. Sometimes when it appears that they aren't listening, they are -- and they are also waiting, watching, planning, and making sure they protect us in the best way. Congratulations and a huge thanks to those who are helping to rid our good, quiet neighborhoods of unwanted, illegal activities. Keep up the good work."

In response

"No, you can't just pick a school for your child to go to and that be the end of it. There has to be a specific reason for you to want your child to go to that school, that in turn has to go through the principal of that school, and the school board. You also have to provide your own transportation to and from school. And may also have to pay a fee for attending a school outside of your district.

"Why must people always assume that favoritism is the reason behind everything? Some of the students that attend schools outside of their district have legitimate reasons for doing so. Before you start complaining, get the facts."

Nothing done

"What good does it do to report damaged mailboxes? I live over by Cox School, and while I was gone out of town one weekend the neighbors caught kids out of the projects going through people's mailboxes and I also saw two of them a few days ago going through another neighbor's. Have complained to the Postal Service, but what can they do?"

Rules changed?

"Observing politics can be really entertaining if you are not an official party guy. The terminology that is used and the phrasing associated with everyone's desire to 'get theirs' can be quite comical when viewed in broad scope.

"For instance, if a Democrat supports a social program here in the United States, he is automatically labeled by the opposite party as a bleeding heart liberal.

"Yet, here comes President George W. Bush who plans to bail out Brazil from economic mismanagement and his party is referred to as 'conservative?'

"Then we have our local farming industry that collectively is considered 'conservative.' Yet it supports one of the largest social programs in the country -- illegal immigrants.

"For most alleged convictions for any political group, we can find major contradictions when it comes right down to the bottom line."

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