Sign ordinance

"I would like to rave about the city's sign ordinance. My wife and children were hit in an accident because there were streamers and banners at an intersection. I think if you went out First Avenue toward the highway, everything is cleared up. I think the city is doing a very good job."

Good reason

"The incidence of alcoholism is significantly higher among those who start drinking in their teens and those who start drinking in their 20s. There is a sound biological basis for having the legal drinking age at 21."

Cleanup effort

"To all citizens of Norman Park: Look at beautiful Norman Park Conference Center in the center of our community. Please city government, let's establish a cleanup campaign and enforce it. It'll take a month or more to get the job done. I hope we will just do this."


"The crepe myrtles on the east bypass are beautiful. Thanks to all who made this possible."


"The girl at a local bank drive-in needs some customer skills. Her attitude was very sour."

Community Day

"In response to why the change concerning Community Day: Why not change management instead of changing Community Day? That's the change that really needs to be made. Why are we procrastinating when we know what we need to do? Place Community Day back at William Bryant Park. That's where it belongs."

Attend meetings

"This is a response to 'How I See It' in the paper recently. It's interesting that there are so many companies that you know of that have been turned away from Colquitt County. It appears that you have knowledge that many of the city and county officials do not have. I would encourage you to attend the meeting of the Moultrie-Colquitt County Development Authority. Call the Chamber of Commerce and find the time of the meeting and join them and give them your insight so that they might do a better job for our community."


"These copycat lawsuits against the drug task force sound like the copycat school shootings. When one person gets media attention because of a lawsuit, everybody wants to jump on the bandwagon to see what they can get."

It's about kids

"I witnessed a game during the regular season where a coach acted inappropriately in front of God and everybody. He was acting like a major league manager. This game is about the kids and having fun."


"Thank you for the article about the dangers of driving and the citations that were given recently. I think that there should be more of them."


"I'd like for somebody to please tell me why can't we have Community Day in northwest as we have always done. We need to keep Community Day in the community. Will somebody please tell me what is going on in northwest Moultrie."

Cheaper gas

"Hey people of Colquitt County, Coolidge has got gas for $1.14. Drive and save."

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