Tuesday, March 4

Turn signal

"Does anyone agree with me that we need a turn signal going north on Main Street at Lower Meigs Road? Drivers coming south over the hill and you have to turn left on a yellow light or you are stuck in the middle. It's nerve wracking and a fatal accident is waiting to happen.

I agree

"I agree that it's heartbreaking to see dogs chained up in yards and left there day and night, rain or shine. Something should be done about it.

No provision

" No matter what Saddam may have done to his own people, nowhere in our Constitution does it give this government the authority to go after leaders in other lands based on their conduct towards their own people. Not to mention the immoral and unconstitutional funding of one more wrong-headed undeclared war by American taxpayers.

Boggles my mind

"It still boggles my mind to see some people are so blind as to believe what is pushing us to war with Iraq is our presidents ego. It's not oil, it's not ego, and it's not revenge, it's doing what is right regardless of it's popularity.

Ease off

" Teachers, especially of young grades, please ease off all the war talk. Today my 7- year -old came home today thinking inaccurately, that we are at war.


"Folks, we are being pinched by these greedy, monopolistic oil companies like never before. I am furious about it when I see how little gasoline ten dollars buys.

Tip of iceberg

"In regards to the rant about people who chain up dogs in their yards and never take up any time with them but just leave them there with no exercise and no shelter from the elements: Study some of those people and you will see an intelligence level that spawns such irresponsibility. Quite often the poor dog's condition is just the tip of the iceberg.

Selection process

"Why haven't we declared war on Fidel Castro? He has committed many atrocities to his people. And they are right out our back door. If we look, we can find many tyrants and many instances where citizens have been abused. As well, we can find many other nations with weapons of mass destruction. Heck, we have weapons of mass destruction. Our foreign policy has become so tainted with egos and personal agendas that we can't even explain what it is.

Not offended

"I'm a Christian, and I was not offended by the cartoon on the editorial page that the ranter called in about. I think it was actually fairly representative of what has been going on in our society. When you say it was disgusting, are you saying the cartoon was disgusting, or that the truth is disgusting?

Smoking issue

"I would dearly love to see restaurants in Moultrie ban smoking anywhere inside them. Or maybe they should ask their patrons when they come into dine: carcinogen or non-carcinogen?

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