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"Why did the NAACP pass a resolution calling for the removal of all Confederate symbols? Is it because they are the real racists in America?"

Excellent idea

"I think Command Spanish is an excellent idea. If you were injured wouldn't you like to have someone there who could understand what the problem was and why you called them?"

Teachers leaving?

"There are approximately 12 teachers leaving Stringfellow School. Why? This should send a message to the Board of Education."

"Apparently there is a communication breakdown. Granted I am not aware of the full details, but something is wrong here and needs immediate attention. This will affect the students maybe not directly, but indirectly.

"This school had a lot of devoted and dedicated teachers and now they are leaving, believe it or not this will adversely effect us all, who care."

Traffic issue

"If someone will listen and come out to Sumner Road and watch the semi's come by and the other speeders going around the curves, maybe the county would put up a speed limit sign before the fourth vehicle Hope it's not you!"

Homeless shelter

"I'm writing again in reference to the dealings with the Crossroad Mission. Once again I called and they told me they didn't have a bed. So I had my cousin call and they told her that they just moved someone in just yesterday. Now I have been calling them since last Thursday through today. That is seven days in a row.

"I did indeed call them yesterday, they told me they had nothing and turned right around and moved someone else in. Now I would like the society to know what kind of homeless shelter we have here in Colquitt County.

"When they turned me down, I went to the pastor of Lifesprings Church and he put me in a motel room for three nights. I thank him with all my heart. At least there are still good and caring people on this earth. Even though it wasn't his place to help me he did. We need more like him to run our homeless shelter."

U.S. spending

"Congress is still sending 3 billion dollars of your family's money to Israel every year, just like it has for the past 30 years (more than 100 billion dollars in total), in total disregard of the U.S. Constitution, in which this is an illegal 'expense' and use of the national treasury of America (which could be going, instead, to shore up social security for our own families). Was that a reason for 9/11 and our having so many enemies all around the globe?"

Your ancestry

"To the person who said that the population of America is getting too big because of the Hispanic people. Did you ever stop to think that you are not an American?

"Your ancestors came from overseas, too, probably to better their lives just like the Hispanic people are trying to do now. They deserve the right to be happy, too."

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