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Life has its rules

"To the CCHS senior. Do you think you are allowed to go through life doing what you want, how you want to do it, when you want to do it and nobody to tell you how to do it? You got a lot of things to learn. If there was no control in this country, what is left that is, people doing what they wanted with nobody to set any kinds of rules, this country would be nothing but chaos. I can tell that you're not going to the military for a time in service. If you are, may God help you, you'll need it. Quit complaining about the rules, kid. We adults have to live by rules far more extreme than you have to put up with in school. Don't believe me? Just wait, you'll learn the hard way."

Go for the meat

"When someone picks out things they can't explain because the Bible doesn't expound on them -- they are so busy picking at the 'bones,' they forget about the' 'meat.'"


"It is true that lawsuits are leveled frequently against other agencies in other cities and counties, but when you are found guilty or a settlement is awarded, chances are something was done wrong. That's the way our system works."

Federal law

"About the tip issue for waiters and waitresses: Federal law requires employers to make up the difference between $2.13 per hour and the minimum wage if they do not equal out to this by the end of the week. Employees should look in their break room or wherever their federal wage laws are posted and they will find this provision about half way down the statement."

No Moses

"Let's be careful with our praise for George Bush. He is no Moses."


"I thank God for the blessings I have. We tend to forget the reason for the season. I had to sit my kids down and explain to them why they would not get what they did last year because of the situation. But I'm still thankful."


"That was some good food over at Charlie A. Gray Middle School last week. I was really impressed."

Lay it aside

"To the ranters in this column: Is it possible to lay aside all complaints for one day? Let that day be Tuesday, Dec. 25."


"Employers beware: Your employees may be sending your customers elsewhere. A little hometown hospitality can help."


"I am very disappointed in the person who stole two bicycles off of Fifth Street Southeast. My little boy was heartbroken."

More training

"I think the operators of our road scrapers need a little more training. Someone should come in and check this work once in a while."

Where's the star

"What happened to the star that used to be on top of the courthouse?"

A danger

"Those people who drive their wheelchairs on a public road early in the morning and early evening are putting themselves in harm's way. These people deserve our utmost respect, but I'm afraid they will get hurt doing this."

Bad joke

"I can't believe the joke that was told at the Hogeye City luncheon the other day."

In response

"To the student who complained about rules and regulations recently, if your parent told you how to behave and dress, maybe the teachers wouldn't have to."

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