For Dec. 25

In response

"Dear 'Concerned'. I'm sorry that you do not see the need for trained journalists to report our war activities.

"I assume you prefer to have unconfirmed accounts that are based on someone's ideas as opposed to actual facts. When I saw the TV coverage of the "journalist training" I felt it was an excellent thing to do.

"They were observing troops going through actual war conditions so I think you missed the point that it was not just an exercise for the writers. This country has a real need for the press in all of our efforts, at home and over seas. The 'leaders' of our nation get into enough trouble with the free press watching their every move. Try to imagine what they'd do if left alone. Frightening is it not!"


"Ha, ha .. more dropouts than graduates ... how clever ... What year did you drop out?"

Poetic thought

"The world needs tolerance, love and trust, And kindness scattered like Angel Dust!

"We need quiet moments, a lot more peace,

"That wars may end and hatred cease."


"I would like to thank Mr. Walden for his columns. Through the years I have enjoyed his wit and thought-provoking comments."

Now what?

"Well who is going to be left among the Florida State Seminoles to play the Georgia Bulldogs? Two quarterbacks gone, a key defensive player gone, all sorts of allegations. Will the quality of the Sugar Bowl be upheld in this matchup?"

Fear of war

"I'm afraid that war is closer for us every day. Only now, I'm afraid of who all might get involved in it. May God help us in these decisions."

Your help wanted

"Perhaps after Christmas we can extend our thoughts of giving just a little bit for the Humane Society. How about considering bringing some dog food, blankets and maybe donations of cash to the animal shelter. It will be well spent and much appreciated."

No help to us

"Negative comments about our school system as have appeared recently do little to foster community pride and attract new business. Try finding something to uplift. It's not all that hard if you just look about you."

Delightful sounds

"The music playing from the courthouse during the holidays has been delightful. We appreciate all that is being done to keep downtown a thriving area. Hats off to all of those involved."

Keep meaning

"Let us keep the meaning of Christmas in our hearts, even after all the trees are down and the wrapping has been tossed aside.

"Let's think of Christmas as the beginning."

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