For April 20


"Let's also move away from Black History Month and have an Americans History Month."

World view

"The U.S. has no problem with people who want freedom in the Middle East but we tend to cast a jaundiced eye towards those who explode packets of nails in the midst of crowds to gain that freedom."

Need shelter

"I have children that attend Okapilco School, I would like to know why it is that they can afford a lot of new playground equipment but no shelter to stand under when it rains.

"A lot of us parents wait in a line on rainy days for up to 30 minutes just to have someone run our children out one by one holding an umbrella over their heads. I and many other parents would like to know if a new shelter for our kids is on the agenda.

"Perhaps some of the money that is being collected for the barbecue supper that the school is holding can go toward this very important cause."

In response

"I don't see anything wrong with our new state flag. It still has our state seal on it. The state representatives and Roy Barnes have done a good job while in office. The citizens elect the representatives. If you want your voice to be heard, please vote in the coming up election year."

Could it be?

"Could it be that you haven't heard of a lot of people celebrating the Confederacy in April because very few have any interest in celebrating it?

"Awareness is one thing, but romancing the past is something else.

"What kind of denial have you embraced with rebel reenactors always winning a battle that never even happened?"

Patrol office

"Okay. We've heard from quite a number of people who are dissatisfied with the state patrol office in Moultrie -- the essence of which is that one day here is not enough.

"So who will do something about this? Is it the role of County Commission to inquire about more service? Perhaps our state legislators could effect this change."

Must be slipping

"President George Bush must really be slipping when ultra-conservative columnists like Charley Reese and Cal Thomas get on his case. Typically, a Republican can do no wrong in their assessments."


"I can appreciate the obstacles that the planners for the spring festival had this year. But next year, can we please bring it back downtown?"

Much worse

"Much worse than those people who won't use their blinkers are those drivers who will speed up from a block away just to keep you from backing out of a parking space.

"I wonder if they carve notches on their steering wheel when they accomplish such a feat."

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