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History lesson

"Someone keeps referring to the notion that the cross bars on the former Georgia flag are not a reflection of slavery but of Southern heritage. Well, obviously some people don't want to be bothered with the truth. The former flag came into effect in 1956 in direct defiance of the Civil Rights Act. That is well documented and only the simplest of minds who are allergic to even rudimentary research would refute that fact.

"The Civil Rights Act was to secure basic human rights and to oppose those moves in detestful mode as was represented in a flaunting and obtuse display of the Confederate emblem on an official banner is certainly tantamount to supporting slavery -- whether it be of the mind, body or spirit. May God help us and save us from such ignorance."

Reason enough

"The Ku Klux Klan uses the Confederate emblem as their flag. That's reason enough to get rid of that darn flag. It's done with. Let go of it."

It drew a line

"A certain man from Colquitt County, that I knew well, was a freshman in the Georgia Legislature in January of 1956. The Georgia lawmakers, in defiance of Federal law, created a new flag in order to show their contempt for integration. That's how and why we had the 1956 flag. It drew a line then, and it will do it again."

Go figure

"I agree with Charley Reese. The Homeland Security Act is just another whampus bureaucracy. Mostly it's a political gimmick. Now I want someone to explain to me how we are going to foot all the bills of yet another bureaucracy, a war and its accessories and at the same time have tax cuts?"

I agree

"I agree. Put the football and band issues aside for a while and let's set about fixing things that need fixing."

Those who label

"I am amused at those people who are so quick to label everyone as a liberal or a conservative. I've lived long enough and witnessed enough to know that when the time comes and the right circumstances present themselves, one will embrace either ideology for the moment because it is immediately good for him. The definition for either term is relative to time and place. I've been there. And I've had company."


"I want to applaud those few people who work at the Food Bank on a regular basis. Obviously you have much compassion for your fellowman. God bless you."

On the border

"Someone noted in this column in recent weeks that we should have our troops stationed along our Southern borders to protect us from the migration of illegals. That would work. It even makes sense. But keep in mind that ultimately we must desire to stop that flow of migrants. As well, if we put them there to actually protect us, then who would we send to foreign deserts to chase down dictators (and not very successfully, I might add)?

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