"Our wonderful U.S. news media is describing Ira Einhorn as a "former anti-war activist". Is that a job or where did the Jewish Einhorn really get his money during all those years?"

Foreign aid

"Although Sharon condemned the attack, yesterday Jewish militants killed a 3-month old baby Palestinian boy. How can American taxpayers support this with their 'foreign aid' tax dollars?"


"South Georgia must have one of the highest concentrations of communists anywhere in America, because I meet people every day who either want something for nothing or want the taxpayers to pay for it."


"Say, when did the ordinary personnel director of WWII and previous times in America become the fancified 'human resources' lingo of today, and is it more of the effect of the woman-ization and Oprah-weakening of the country?"

Foreign labor

"Our farm families are precious and the backbone of the nation, but they do need to find a way not to rely on foreign labor. Government could help by making all farm labor tax-free and requiring welfare applicants and city panhandlers to get back to nature on the land."

Bad law

"It's time to change a bad law, because the babies of foreigners here should not be automatically considered U.S. citizens, since the parents are required by law to return to their country of origin anyway."


"This not being the 1950s, the public, meaning the voters, are more aware now of liberties being taken from us, and we want to vote on the flag or any other issue of that kind of major significance to our state and the people, from whom all powers of government are supposed to derive."


"Sound reasoning? The logic is that an 18-year-old is a free man (or woman) in these United States! If he can be drafted, tote a rifle, drive a car, vote, sign contracts, get married and have children, then he darn well ought to be free to buy a beer if he wants one!"

Need the figures

" I know there are those in our community who would like for this issue to go away, but as a substantial taxpayer of Colquitt County and the city of Moultrie, I rightfully would like to know the dollar amount of the settlement regarding the indiscretions of the former Colquitt County Drug Squad."

Drinking age

"I agree that determining legal drinking age should have nothing to do with military service. The 18-year-old rule is much more relevant to the teen-agers involved in car wrecks."

My thoughts

"If the military wants to allow 18-year-olds to drink on base and let them be the military's responsibility, then that's their issue. However, when a kid takes a drink and gets behind the wheel of a car, that's my business because my family is out there. Military law and civil law are two separate entities."

Free therapy

"Someone talked in Rant and Rave a few weeks ago about sitting on the back porch at night and listening to the crickets. We used to do that when I was a kid. We told stories and reviewed the events of the day in our small world. It seemed like when we took time to really talk to each other, relationships were much better. Maybe we should get back to the back porch and the crickets. Not all therapy has to be costly."

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