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"Why do people think the JROTC program is for students with social problems?"

Still curious

"I'm curious to know if we as citizens of Colquitt County, will ever be made privy to the lawsuit settlements awarded due to questionable actions of the former Colquitt County Drug Squad? Let's not forget about this."


"Facts need to be straightened out. If the number of elementary/middle school kids who were listed for retention actually were retained, you'd need another building to house them in. Teachers turn the lists in and they get cut down to nothing and all those kids get dumped on the next grade."

In response

"Students have been promoted because teachers turn in massive lists of students who should be retained and those lists are ignored. That's why you have so many entering the ninth grade with first or second grade reading levels."

Art teaches

"I happen to know of three art teachers in the school system. Probably none of them are the one you know so that should make four in system."

Great to see

"I would like to rave about the sheriff's office. They caught two slaying suspects while running court in two places and serving volumes of papers. It's great to see this kind of cooperation and teamwork."

Anybody home?

"Why is it that when I go to a county government office after lunch on Friday, so many times the person I need to see has already left for the weekend? Whatever happened to working a full day? It's hard to do business this way."


"I saw a little old lady walking to a doctor's office the other day. She said hello to everyone she met. No one returned her greeting. Whatever happened to respect and friendliness?"

Whom to blame?

"About the college student who committed suicide: The parents cannot blame the school anymore than they can blame themselves. People with mental problems are up today and down tomorrow. I feel that way myself sometimes. We can't predict how this will come out. No one person or entity is responsible."

Still high

"Gas prices continue to be higher in Moultrie than in all the surrounding towns. Why can't something be done about this?"


"It's so disgusting to hear people say 'young'ens' instead of children. Why do we act like a bunch of hicks? I hope the schools will teach better."

What we'll do

"If we're going to stop social promotion, then that means we are going to have to build more and larger classrooms and hire more teachers, or in some cases guardians, until many of these students turn 16."

Good to see

"It's good to see the big flag back on the East Bypass. I think it causes everyone to think about who they are and what they are about."

The name

"When do we officially change the name of the East Bypass to Veterans Parkway? Who has to sign off on this matter?"


"I get so frustrated when I try to call a state agency and all I get are recordings. Quite often, I'm not sure just who I need to talk to. That's why I'm calling in the first place. I want to speak to a real human being. Of course a couple of those that I have talked to didn't seem to know much more than the recording."

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