For July 10

Drug squad

"I would like to know where or if we do have a drug squad, what are they doing? You never see or really hear about drug busts. In Albany, they let the drug dealers know that they are in town and are there to clean it up. So why can't we do that?"

History lesson

"Self-determination is never out of style, which is why the Soviet Union had to break up, since it is only common bonds, such as language, culture, a shared history, and ethnicity, that hold a nation together.

"With the damage done to the USA since 1965 by uncontrolled immigration and damage to the citizenship process of assimilation into the dominant culture, it would not be surprising to find four or more separate nations arise from the ashes, just as Taiwan, Quebec, East Timor, Scotland, the Basques, Palestinians and others strive for their independence."

Why not?

"Why not new York? The Great Commission (Matt. 28:16-20) says to go into all the world, not just to stay at home! Maybe the time you took complaining about someone actually bringing someone to Christ you might have led someone in Moultrie to Christ. What have you done for Him lately?"

We need zoning

"We need zoning. In order for Colquitt County to grow in a controlled and uniform manner, a local zoning ordinance needs to be adopted and enforced. We would not need zoning if everyone would use common sense and have a little respect for their neighbors. Unfortunately that's not the case. It seems to me that a few self-serving individuals are opposed to zoning, because they don't want to lose a dollar, even if it is at the expense of devaluing a nearby property owner's value.

"It's time for the county commissioners to do what is best for our county's future, and quit dodging the zoning issue."

In response

"In response to the no black players on farm league All-Star teams: There were three farm league teams. One of the coaches did not show to present a slate of players from which to pick. You might want to take that up with him."

Why zoning?

"Why is there the big issue of zoning? Is it that you want to move all the Hispanics out into the rural areas?"

Tell me why

"Someone tell me why I've seen police cars parked in handicapped slots in one of our shopping centers."

We need help

"We've been hearing about migrants getting health care when the elderly can't. There are some younger working class people who also have trouble getting health care. We could use a few of these health fairs ourselves."

Thank you

"I want to thank the Humane Society for the great job they are doing. On July 3, Misty came to our neighborhood at 9:30 at night and rescued seven puppies out of a culvert."

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