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"I would like to thank Mr. Fallin and Mr. Hunnicutt for making a decision to grow our community. In our real time world today, some times you do not have time to go through a long drawn-out decision process. Mr. Sutton, if our community is ever going to compete with our surrounding job market and allow Moultrie to grow and prosper, we better support these men of character instead of trying to question their motives. When was the last time you brought 180-plus jobs to Moultrie? Ever wonder why our children have to leave town as soon as they graduate? Have you looked at the last census to see how Moultrie has faired with the rest of the area? Mr. Sutton, develop a positive attitude and you and our community will be much better off."

No to sales tax

"Every conscientious voter should vote against any sales tax, and then also vote out any elected official who does not support reducing property taxes."

Funny thing

"Funny how thoughts come about when it comes to government. People want to put more criminals in prison and throw away the key. But they don't want to fund the very prisons they seek. They want law enforcement to be paid better salaries, but they don't want to pay the taxes to do this. They want their road paved today, yet they want government to reduce taxes -- the taxes that would pay for that paving. They want government to leave them alone, not require them to put numbers on their houses. Yet they are ready to sue if an emergency unit cannot find their home and they suffer a great loss. Some people want more jobs for their community, but they want a genie to make them happen. Some people can find all kinds of faults with what is going on, but spend much less time trying to produce a positive."

Rain prayers

"To all of those who prayed for rain this summer, our prayers were answered. We should remember the power of prayer."

I agree

"I agree with Rev. Michael Helms and columnist Dwain Walden. We should ask ourselves just how many people who complain about the prayer-in-school issue actually take the time to pray with their children at home. Some people, I've noticed, wrap themselves in the flag for other than patriotric reasons. Likewise, some wrap themselves in religion with ulterior motives. Yes, we should be honest with ourselves. And we should recognize our shortcomings and commit to improve them rather than seeking places to lay blame."

Did they decide?

"Did they ever decide on what kinds of trees or shrubs will be going downtown? The last thing I heard was Savannah holly."

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