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They can talk

"Parents that are involved with Okapilco should know that students can talk in the lunchroom. Everyone in the lunchroom is asked to use his or her 'six-inch voice.' Students who talk excessively loud are reminded to talk softer. If a student received a mark on the behavior chart for talking at lunch, then it is because the student isn't following school lunchroom procedures and is not following the teacher's directions when reminded of the procedure."

Dark tint

"I feel that citizens should be able to have dark tint, too. In the summer when it's 100 degrees outside, it is really hard to keep your car and kids cool. Not everyone is hiding something behind dark tint!"

More recess time

"I agree with the person who wrote that kids need recesses to talk and socialize. I remember when I was little, we got at least 45 minutes for recess. The kids this day and time barely get 10 to 15 minutes."

How many?

"I'm writing to just to ask one question. Are there lots of parents here in Moultrie who have put or kept their child on medication for ADHD, even though you didn't want to because of the possible harmful side effects, but the school feels that the child will not make it without it?"

In response

"In the response to the person saying that the eighth grade boys who failed to meet the requirements of passing in school should be able to play ball because they are bringing in money: How silly can anyone be?

I think the majority of parents who have any concern about how their children are doing in school would rather their child not play ball if it is interfering with their child's school work.

For instance I know of a man right now who is 40 years old or older and has a high school diploma and can't read a lick. I think that's a crying shame.

If this person would really consider the long term effects of this rule, I promise it will pay off in the long run.

Of course unless you would rather your child go to read a newspaper and not know where to begin simply because his parents would rather he play ball. If nothing else, consider the long term effects. Basketball is not a life long thing; however, an education is!"

Disease issue

"Well it's happened again, a 28-year old 'student' from the African country of Kenya has died of tuberculosis at an Alabama college and now more than 500 Americans are being tested for the exposure. When will this corrupt and undependable current American government come to grips with its basic duty to protect us from the communicable diseases of foreigners, such as mad cow, malaria, ebola, dengue fever, leprosy and others?"

Lost your way

"Look at who you reward with your money (sports ball chuckers and actors, who were looked down on in your first century as a country) and who you punish (veterans who risked their lives for you and teachers). America, you get exactly what you deserve, since you have lost your way."

Pass/play issue

"So those boys should have been passed? I guess you think we should support them and their families when they are getting welfare because they were passed and did not get an education, so that they can get a real job. Do you think that they are going to go pro without going to college? Is everybody just supposed to give them everything?"

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