A man and a woman who let a roommate they evicted two months ago back into their residence may regret the decision after she reportedly began throwing their belongings outside during a dispute.

Tonica Wimberly, 812 Doc Darbyshire Road Lot 17, was charged with disorderly conduct when she refused to obey officers’ directions.

William McNealy, of the same address, told police that he and Sherneike Alexander, had Wimberly evicted on Nov. 16, but allowed her to move back in recently. At about 11:39 p.m. Tuesday the three got into a dispute over money McNealy said Wimberly owed to them.

He told police that Wimberly started throwing pictures out the back door then took a mattress out of a bedroom and threw out in the grass in the front yard.

There was a mattress on the ground when deputies arrived, sheriff’s reports said. When they went inside Wimberly was yelling at McNealy and Alexander and at them and she refused to calm down.

In other arrests:

• Prescott Sheppard, 45, Adel, was charged Tuesday with three counts of deposit account fraud.

• Matthew Hartley, 22, 1006 Marion Drive, Tifton, was charged Tuesday with failure to appear.

• John Henry Covin, 45, 305 W. Crockett St.,  Sylvester, was charged Tuesday with two counts of failure to appear.

• Pamela Marie Golding, 45, 660 Sylvie Drive, Ashburn, was charged Tuesday with failure to appear.

• Joseph Ryan Branch, 21, 691 U.S. Hwy. 319 N., was charged Tuesday with probation violation.

Moultrie Police

• Gary Wilburn Hiers, 30, 1297 Tillman Road, was charged Tuesday with possession of marijuana and safety belt violation.

• Robert James Taylor, 21, 161 Dandron Road, was charged Tuesday with probation violation on a Berlin Municipal Court warrant.

Berlin Police Department

• Argathe Richemond, 21200 N. W. 14th Place Apt. 31, Miami, Fla., was charged Tuesday with driving while license withdrawn, reckless driving and speeding.


Moultrie Police

• A 21-year-old Moultrie woman reported Tuesday that she was sexually assaulted on East Central Avenue.

Disorderly Conduct

Moultrie Police

• Amanda Scott, 1200 block Fourth Street Southwest, reported Monday that a female acquaintance grabbed her shirt and threatened her.

The woman’s father picked her up and she was told not to return.

Sheriff’s Office

• Ronnie Crosby, 7000 block Highway 37 West, Hartsfield, reported Tuesday that a male relative punched their mother and also hit him in the face during an incident in the 1000 block of County Line Road, Doerun.

William Crosby told police that Ronnie Crosby, Jan Crosby and Theresa Chastain, Ronnie Crosby’s girlfriend, came to his residence and he heard someone in their car say something about calling law enforcement.

He reported that one of them attacked Jan Crosby and he went to the car, where Jan Crosby started trying to slap him so he pushed her. At that time, he reported, Ronnie Crosby charged him and he defended himself by hitting him.

Some witnesses at the scene supported Ronnie Crosby’s account, while others backed William Crosby, sheriff’s reports said. No arrests were made.


Moultrie Police

• Tonya White, 400 block Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, reported Tuesday the theft of prescription medication.

• Tina Jackson, 34, Moultrie, reported Tuesday the theft of three cell telephones from the toe 100 block of East Central Avenue.

Jackson told police that she hid her telephones and those of two friends in a bathroom stall inside the Colquitt County Courthouse Annex. When she returned later to get them they were gone.

The total value of the stolen phones was $338.

• Walmart, 641 Veterans Parkway, reported Tuesday that store video showed an employee conceal two remote game controllers inside his sweater.

The video showed the man go to the restroom in the rear of the store and leave the building without returning the merchandise which had a total value of $115.

Sheriff’s Office

• Jose Hernandez, 100 block Yates Lane, reported Tuesday the theft of 100 compact discs valued at a total of $1,500.

Hernandez told police that his roommate’s former girlfriend’s property also had been moved out of their residence. Neighbors told him that they saw two women and a man moving the woman’s belongings out.

• Larry Dunn, 700 block Larry Dunn Road, reported Sunday the theft of seven firearms, including four pistols, two shotguns and a rifle.

Dunn told police that they were taken Dec. 29, but he did not report it earlier because he wanted to determine whether a relative may have them. When he questioned male relatives, one of the suggested that a man he identified may have the weapons but would provide no additional information.

A deputy spoke with the man identified, sheriff’s reports said, and he denied any knowledge of the guns.


Moultrie Police

• Southern Tractor, 1205 Veterans Parkway N., reported Tuesday a possible case of credit card fraud.

Sheriff’s Office

• Gary Weathers, 400 block Croft Road, reported Tuesday that his debit card and electronic checks on his account were used to make purchases totaling between $2,500 to $3,000 at Walmart in Moultrie.

• Kenneth Bates, 100 block Cepcot Meadows, reported Tuesday that a female relative forged his signature on four checks that were passed for a total of $308.

Property damage

Moultrie Police

• Artevia Brown, 800 block Shy Manor Drive, reported Tuesday that someone kicked her front door open at about 8 p.m.

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