I have often heard that if you save things, they will come back in style. Wide ties, narrow ties, wide lapels, narrow lapels, paisley shirts, bell bottoms, etc. And I've found much of this to be true. However, I hope double-knit suits are the exception and that they never re-appear except in old movies and bad dreams.

Our physical existence, I think, is kind of cyclic so it seems natural that those things we embrace mentally would roll if we dropped them on the floor. Wheels are round, the world is round (despite what some people still think), pies are round and, given the latest news on obesity, humans seemingly are getting rounder.

And there are just so many degrees in a circle so at some point we will return to the starting place in some semblance or variation.

Now that doesn't mean that we will give up Bic lighters for rubbing sticks together, but fireplaces have become quite popular.

Question: What wine goes best with an open fireplace on a cold night?

Answer: That in a bottle.

Now all of that said -- none of which is basis for a Ph.D thesis -- I've just come across a story about the American Heart Association that has us coming full circle on diets and weight control.

The association has put out a book, "No-Fad Diet: A Personal Plan for Healthy Weight Loss," which discounts most of the fad diets as being "flashes in the pan," and it suggests that we just exercise and use common sense at the dinner table.

In other words, instead of eating three slices of pieces, only eat two. And instead of driving down the street to watch the game with Fred, walk.

And this plan, which actually isn't a plan at all in that it shouldn't have required a bunch of guys in white coats making lots of notes on legal pads, is promoted as one for the long haul.

In other words, if you want to lose 25 pounds before your class reunion next month, this is not the way to go. But, if you want to be around for your grandkids' weddings, and when you reach 70 if you want to be able to go from Point A to Point B without making two trips, embrace this concept.

This book also suggests that changing your culture may require that you ease into it. I've noticed that outside of television evangelism, drastic overnight resolve seldom shows drastic changes the next day. You've got to work at it.

This book offers tasty alternatives for creme Danishes and other rich, calorie-laden food. Now obviously, some of it might not taste quite as good, but it won't taste like cardboard or Styrofoam either.

And then the book offers suggestions for exercise. It says a person should consider if he or she exercises better alone or in groups. Some folks just need that group support for encouragement. Keep in mind, you might fall and can't get up. Group support can be taken literally.

Others, however, don't want to admit they have a problem, thus they seclude themselves in exercise.

As well, some people may feel they have to join a gym or health club to make it official, while others have the resolve to do chin-ups on a barn rafter. The crux of the matter is discipline and results.

Now books come in all shapes and sizes, and I'm not saying that this is one of those that is good to curl up with on a rainy night. In fact, I think of this one as more of a manual. Still, I think it will make better reading than the one someone is planning about the runaway bride. I just can't see a whole book devoted to that. I think you can write the word "stupid" on a post-it note, or "very stupid" on a napkin.

And viewed as a manual, I would not expect any science fiction creatures like a "Stith" fighting calories with a light stick. But then again, a little play on words might make this book a best seller. How about "The Revenge of the Thick."

Question: Do you know what they call a female Stith?

Answer: A Stithy.

(Dwain Walden is editor/publisher of The Moultrie Observer, 985-4545. E-mail: dwain.walden@gaflnews.com)

Care card

"Why does it take so long to get a care card for senior citizens at Colquitt Regional Medical Center?"

Lights on

"As part of Neighborhood Watch, maybe we should start leaving our porch lights on at night so that we can see who is doing all the burglaries."

Courthouse security

"We must protect the judges? The judges need to protect us, they are the ones who took prayer out of the schools."

Public funding

"It's sad to see how much money goes to the animal shelter compared to how much goes to Serenity House. Which is more important, dogs or people?"


" The training program of the Moultrie Responsible Vendors Association is good for the employees. There's a lot they don't know in regard to alcohol sales training."

Loose pets

"Please make it a rule that pet owners have to keep them on their property, not out in the streets."


"I went through the MRVA classes, and I didn't know how much trouble you can get into. I wish More people cared about the community like Mrs. Kenyon does."

Stand on training

"Based on a conversation I just heard at the coffee shop about the Moultrie Responsible Vendors Association, I don't think the earlier points made said that the association should not exist. In certainly serves a good purpose. However, I don't think there should be a reduction of fines if you are a member. The association should stand on its training qualities alone."

Alcohol laws

"There's really a simple way to not sell booze to under age people. Require everyone to show identification -- even grandma. Some people will even be flattered, I suppose. This stuff may taste like rocket fuel, but the regulations are certainly not rocket scientist stuff. Selling to under-age people, bad. Asking for identification, good. See how simple it is."

Smart enough?

"Aren't store owners smart enough to explain alcohol laws to their employees and to put the fear of God into them? If not, being a member of an association is not going to help."

How about this?

"Here's an idea about all these thefts. Let's set up some stings. You know, let's leave the lawn mower in plain view, leave a car unlocked, leave a couple of chain saws out on the porch. Then let's hide in the bushes and catches the thugs when they come to steal them. If we do this enough, the bad guys won't know when we are setting them up. "

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