MOULTRIE, Ga. — A 17-year-old girl was arrested Thursday after a Taser was found in her bookbag at Colquitt County High School, Colquitt County Sheriff’s Office reports said.

Jakira Shai’nai’yh Moore, 501 First Ave. S.W., was charged with carrying a weapon at a public gathering (school).

Following up on a tip from another student, a deputy working as school resource officer and an assistant principal at CCHS searched Moore’s bookbag and found the Taser there, according to the deputy’s report.

Other arrests

Sheriff’s Office

• Demetrius Cleveland, 32, of Adel, was charged Aug. 16 with simple battery.

• Amanda Lynn Wood, 41, of Tifton, was charged Aug. 16 on a bench warrant.

• Stephanie Leach, 35, 225 Indian Lake Drive Lot 11, Norman Park, was charged Aug. 16 with driving while license withdrawn, defective equipment, no insurance and driving while tag suspended.

• Zoran Malkoc, 52, of Valdosta, was charged Aug. 17 with fighting in a public place (affray).

• Shane Brogston Mitchell, 33, 613 J.O. Stewart Road, Norman Park, was charged Aug. 16 with obstruction of an officer.

• Nathan Corey Brotzman, 32, 400 Magnolia Ave., was charged Aug. 19 with cruelty to children.

• Richard Lee Hutchinson, 62, of Douglas, Ga., was charged Aug. 19 with driving while license withdrawn and speeding.

• Noah Randall Taylor, 35, 348 John Vickers Road, Norman Park, was charged Aug. 16 with possession of methamphetamine, failure to drive in a single lane and driving on a suspended or revoked license.

• William Richard Bailey, 55, 607 Clarence Jones Road, was charged Aug. 18 with battery (family violence). Tonya Elizabeth Bailey, 44, of the same address, was charged with simple battery (family violence).

• Christopher John Cole, 47, 1957 Sylvester Highway, Lot 24, was charge Aug. 17 with disorderly conduct.

Moultrie Police

• Derrick Donta Key, 37, 601 Ninth St. S.E., was charged Aug. 18 with driving without a license and improper tag display.

• Charles R. Kinsey Jr., 30, 709 Third Ave. N.W., was charged Aug. 15 with obstruction of an officer, seat belt violation and driving without a license.

• Robert Brian Slack, 54, and Barry Schiller, 73, both of 2405 Fifth Ave. S.E., were charged Aug. 19 with battery. The roommates were involved in a fight at their residence, Moultrie police said. Both suffered minor injuries, according to the police report.

• Litavious Devonte Greene, 26, 511 First Ave. N.W., was charged Aug. 19 with probation violation and simple battery (family violence).

• Kendra Michelle Smith, 32, 2209 S. Washington, was charged Aug. 19 with expired or no driver’s license and giving false information to an officer.

• Jeffery David Winders, 43, 1508 Apt. 7 Paradise Apartments, was charged Aug. 19 with contempt of court.

• Anthony Bernard Harper, 36, 604 13th Ave. S.W., was charged Aug. 18 with simple assault (family violence).

Doerun Police

• Wikendra Ajaysia Rollins, 21, of Albany, was charged Aug. 20 on a bench warrant.

Georgia State Patrol

• James Joseph Holmes, 52, 423 Shade Murphy Road, was charged Aug. 16 with failure to drive in a single lane and DUI.

Probation violation

Sheriff’s Office

• Joseph Scott Lawhorne, 44, 194 Brandi Drive.

• Deaven Knight Partain, 20, 1017 Doc Darbyshire Road.

• Ryshell Tina Williams, 24, 621 Fourth Ave. S.W.

• Melissa Dixon, 37, of Adel.

Moultrie Police

• Allen Wayne Beach, 54, of Indianola, Miss.

Doerun Police

• Johnny Lee Davis, 35, of Albany.

Norman Park Police

• Sharron Loreita Patterson, 68, 127 Scooterville-Tifton Road, Omega.


Sheriff’s Office

• A woman at Ealum Estates told deputies Aug. 16 that a juvenile punched and kicked her daughter. The suspect said the girl threw his phone case at him then attacked him. Deputies arrested the juvenile and released him to his guardian.

Moultrie Police

• A man repossessing a vehicle told police he was attacked by the vehicle’s owner Saturday evening.

The tow truck driver said he was trying to get the vehicle at a residence in the 1200 block of Elliott Brown Street when the owner shoved him on the ground.

The vehicle owner said the tow truck driver came running toward him; he saw an orange blur from his shirt and didn’t know what the man was going to do, so he shoved him away from him.

The tow truck driver agreed not to press charges if the owner let him take the vehicle, and he did.

• Bystanders reported that a man was “jumped” by two men Friday afternoon in the 400 block of Eighth Street Northwest. The man grabbed a screwdriver to defend himself.

EMS was called because the victim was so upset, but the officer did not see any visible markings on him from the attack.

The attackers — whom bystanders could identify only by their nicknames — were gone before police arrived.

• A woman in the 800 block of Third Avenue Northwest reported another woman and her boyfriend attacked her in the 400 block of Eighth Street Northwest Friday afternoon. The officer noted blood from a busted lip.


Sheriff’s Office

• A Colquitt County man told deputies Aug. 19 that someone cut the lock on his gate and broke into a house he owns in the 2300 block of Highway 133 South.

After deputies cleared the house to ensure the burglar was not still there, the man walked through it with them and identified a Gravely lawnmower, tools, a television, a washing machine, a dryer and a microwave as being missing. The stolen items totaled $2,700.

The man said his brother lived in the house but has been incarcerated since May.


Sheriff’s Office

• A Moultrie woman told deputies Aug. 16 that someone had opened a credit card account at Bank of America using her personal information.

• A Moultrie woman told deputies Aug. 16 that she had been incarcerated from Jan. 13 through May 15. During that time, she left her debit card with a man she knew. While she was in jail, she learned the man was using the card for himself, so she asked another friend to recover it and she did. Then the woman also used it and wiped the account out.

The woman’s boyfriend and another woman also used her information to file taxes and received a refund of more than $5,000, the former inmate told the deputies.

Moultrie Police

• A Moultrie man told police a collection agency contacted him about a $937 debt to Direct TV in Albany, but he said he was unaware of the account and didn’t know the people that Direct TV told him had set it up.

Property damage

Moultrie Police

• A 1999 Chevrolet van belonging to Lord Anointed Word Ministry was damaged at the church, 2515 Fifth St. S.E. The gas cap was broken off and left lying by the tire. A church spokesman said they found it before Sunday school on Sunday morning, but it’s not the first time something like this has happened. The reporting officer said police would increase patrols in the neighborhood but recommended the church install security cameras too.

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