MOULTRIE — Twice this weekend, a confrontation between a parent and a child turned very dangerous as each of the juveniles acquired a knife.

On Friday, a mother reported an altercation with her 16-year-old son on Sylvester Drive. The youth told her he had dropped his cell phone in the sink earlier, and she told him she did not care about his phone. That made him mad, she said, and he pushed her, investigative reports said.

The mother told deputies the boy’s 17-year-old cousin stepped between them and said if the 16-year-old wanted to fight someone, he could fight him. The younger teen then went to the kitchen and came back with a knife and said, “Now, let’s fight.”

The report said that his mother told him to put the knife down, and when he didn’t, she called 911. Once he found out law enforcement was coming, the 16-year-old left the house. Deputies drove through the neighborhood trying to find him but could not.

The other confrontation took place Sunday in Funston. A father asked his 14-year-old son if he’d washed the dishes, and the boy replied that he didn’t have to. The father then asked if he’d apologized to his mother for treating her disrespectfully earlier in the day, and the boy said he didn’t have to do that either, the invesitgator’s report said.

The boy pushed past his father with his shoulder, the father grabbed him and the boy pushed him away. He said he didn’t have to do anything his parents told him to. The man said he tried to discipline the boy, but the 14-year-old got a knife from the kitchen and told the man he was going to kill him, the report said.

The teen’s 11-year-old brother tried to take the knife away, but the boys’ mother told him to back off because she didn’t want the younger child to get cut. The report said the father told the teen he wasn’t afraid of a knife because he’d been stabbed before. He stood still as his son placed the knife to his throat, and the youth’s mother called 911.

The 14-year-old was later taken into custody and transported to the Crisp Regional Youth Detention Center, deputies said.

Other violence

Sheriff’s Office

• Pricilla Esquivel, 600 block of Sardis Church Road, reported Saturday that a family member came home drunk, and she and he argued about it. She said he pulled her hair, punched her in the back and scratched the left side of her neck. Two people witnessed the altercation, including one who separated the two. Two minor children were also present, the deputy said.

Fredy Mendez, 699 Sardis Church Road, Lot 6, was charged with battery (family violence) and cruelty to children, according to the deputy’s report. No booking report was available on him at the Colquitt County Jail Monday; that report usually isn’t released until warrants have been taken to spell out the exact charges.


Norman Park Police

• Jose Antonio Sanchez, 37, of Tifton, was charged Saturday with driving too fast for conditions and expired driver’s license.

• Johnnie Lowe Wilson, 45, 1180 Sixth St. S.W., was charged Sunday with driving under the influence.

Sheriff’s Office

• William Gordy Sloan Jr., 27, 225 Indian Lake Drive, was charged Thursday with giving false information and parole violation.

• Kenneth Mark Sealy, 23, 465 Old Albany Road, was charged Friday with pedestrian under the influence and failure to drive in a single lane.

Moultrie Police

• Santos Perez, 34, 551 Circle Road, Lot 1151, was charged Saturday with public indecency and public drunk. Perez is accused of urinating by a light pole outside Wal-Mart about 11:30 a.m. Saturday.

• Triston Dewayne Kersh, 41, 107 Michelle Drive, was charged Saturday with failure to appear.

• Marcus Crawford, 67, 2809 Fifth St. S.E., was charged Saturday with driving while tag suspended, failure to stop at a stop sign and no insurance.

• Matthew James Champion, 32, of Thomasville, was charged Friday with shoplifting. Champion allegedly took a Chi Air flat iron for hair from Wal-Mart and ran when store security tried to apprehend him. A Moultrie police officer found him in the woods near Fifth Avenue Southeast and placed him under arrest. Store security told the officer they recovered the flat iron, which was valued at $97.

• Danesha Renee Bell, 25, 206 Eighth St. S.W., was charged with probation violation.

• Francisco Felix Hernandez, 28, 253 N. Pine Drive, was charged Saturday with driving without a license and speeding.

Doerun Police

• Mark Anthony Hager, 47, Tifton, was charged Friday with public drunk.

• Answar Dermaine Holmes, 32, of Damascus, Ga., was charged with probation vioaltion.


Sheriff’s Office

• Dakota Sean Thompson, 300 block Bill Tillman Road, Norman Park, reported his wallet was taken from his 1995 Dodge Dakota Saturday. He’d gotten paid the day before and the wallet contained $500, he said. He gave deputies the name of a suspect.

• Keith Summerlin, 100 block Ernest Norman Road, told deputies that sometime between the first of the month and Saturday, someone took a digital game camera worth $600 that he had set up on his grandfather’s property in the 500 block of Clarence Jones Road.

Moultrie Police

• William Knighton Jr., of Moultrie, told police Saturday that two men robbed him in the 1100 block of 14th Street Southeast. Police Sgt. Raul Leal, who is investigating the case, said an undisclosed amount of money was taken.

• A residence in the 1800 block of Sunrise Avenue was ransacked by burglars. A neighbor reported the incident Friday. Property owners Terry and Ashley Kelley, of Moultrie, said several items were missing from the residence; the police report did not say what they were but valued them at $503.

• A clerk at Buddy’s Home Furnishings, 3 First St. N.W., told police Friday that a woman opened an account to lease a desktop computer and an XBox One game console but had not made any payments since the down payment in November.

• Lashawn Green, of Moultrie, reported Saturday that a man she knows punched her in the head after he came home drunk and they argued. The responding officer said he did not see any injuries.

Property damage

Sheriff’s Office

• Adel G. Fuller, of Robinson Avenue in Doerun, reported her son’s car was damaged while parked near the field house at Colquitt County High School, 1800 Park Ave., on Thursday. Someone keyed the car and left a photograph with degrading things in it by the car, she told deputies.

• Mary A. Jackson, Indian Lake Drive, Norman Park, reported seeing a man exit her residence Thursday, a day after she told him he wasn’t allowed there. The responding deputy found where someone had used a tool to pop open the door of the residence. Jackson said nothing appeared to be missing.

• Jimmy Revel, of Sam Sells Road, reported someone did doughnuts in the grass at Rose of Sharon Church, damaging the lawn. He said the same thing happened about two weeks ago.

Moultrie police

• Police responded to an alarm at Baell Mercantile, 550 First St. N.E., where they found a small hole in the back wall along with three sledgehammer marks. Whoever did it did not get into the building, police said.

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