MOULTRIE — Three people face charges in a series of related incidents that started with a fight Wednesday night and ended with a suspect’s attempted suicide Friday.

Carlos Jamerson, 26, of 566 Paul Murphy Road, was charged with battery. Jeffery Bishop, 18, of Haven Hills Estate, Lot 10, in Norman Park, and Mark Thomas Harrell, 32, of 1166 Bay Rockyford Road, were each charged with two counts of theft by taking a motor vehicle, two counts of aggravated assault, criminal damage to property and burglary.

Colquitt County Sheriff’s Investigator Shawn Bostick said the events began with a fight between Jamerson and Christopher Pugarelli. Jamerson allegedly showed up at a residence in Haven Hill Estates about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, Bostick said; he got out of his vehicle when Pugarelli started yelling at him, and the two began to argue with each other.

During the argument, Jamerson allegedly hit Pugarelli and caused a small laceration to his chin. Bostick said initial reports stated a knife was involved, but his investigation found Jamerson allegedly hit Pugarelli with a set of keys.

Pugarelli was taken to Colquitt Regional Medical Center for treatment of the laceration, and Bostick said he was treated and released Thursday. Jamerson contacted the sheriff’s deputy who took the report and allegedly stated he was in Tifton at the time of the incident.

After Pugarelli was released from Colquitt Regional, Bostick said, he met up with two friends, Bishop and Harrell. The trio was on their way to town when Harrell allegedly decided the three of them needed to get revenge on Jamerson for hitting Pugarelli.

Bostick said the three went to Griffin Farms on Kendallwood Church Road, owned by relatives of Harrell, and allegedly stole two 12-gauge shotguns and an Isuzu pickup truck. Pugarelli left the scene, Bostick said, because he felt things were getting out of hand, and he returned home.

Harrell and Bishop drove the truck to Jamerson’s house on Paul Murphy Road, and they allegedly fired the shotguns four times into the house about 3:20 a.m. Friday. Jamerson and Cain Bright were inside the house at the time of the shooting, but neither was injured.

The truck drove away following the shooting, and Bostick said it was returned to Griffin Farms because of mechanical problems. Bishop and Harrell then allegedly stole a Suzuki Samurai from the business and drove it to Haven Hills Estate, where it was found Friday by Norman Park police.

Harrell was apprehended by Norman Park police following a brief chase, and Bostick said Bishop was apprehended Friday afternoon as he walked down Highway 319 near Wal-Mart. Both were taken to Colquitt County Jail, and the stolen Samurai and shotguns were recovered and returned to their owners.

While in the jail Friday, Harrell allegedly tried to hang himself using his jeans, Bostick said. Jailers prevented the suicide attempt, and he was taken first to Colquitt Regional for treatment and evaluation and then on to Southwestern State Hospital in Thomasville.

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