Car hit house

Jerry Roberts crashed into the Powell residence, located at 303 Zion Grove Church Road, late Friday, Jan. 3. The accident left Roberts' vehicle with disabling damage and the house with a room's outer wall and part of the porch destroyed.

MOULTRIE, Ga. — An everyday drive from work led to Doerun resident crashing into a house late Friday evening.

Jerry Roberts, 55, was traveling east on Lloyd Road, approaching the intersection of it and Zion Grove Church Road, the Georgia State Patrol report read. Roberts told Trooper MJ Moses that he “applied his brakes, but his truck did not stop.”

Roberts lost control, the report marked. 

His vehicle, a 1997 Chevrolet S10, continued traveling east through the intersection, onto the shoulder, then into the yard, located at 303 Zion Grove Church Road.

Unable to stop on its own, Roberts’ vehicle came to a final rest after crashing into the house. 

The family wasn’t there, so the house’s owner, Wayne Powell, was called to the scene, Danielle Powell, his wife, said.

“They called my husband and told him that he needed to come home and that there was a truck in our house,” Mrs. Powell said. 

Upon arrival, the family found the outer wall of a room in the house with damage. It has since been boarded but Danielle said they’re unsure how much the damage will cost to repair.

“The insurance is doing all of that,” she said. “It’s just that one room that’s messed up. We’re just staying in the camper in our yard until they deem it to where we can get back in the house.”

Roberts’ vehicle was found with disabling damage and he was cited with failure to maintain lane.

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