MOULTRIE — Two teenage women were apprehended after they allegedly destroyed a convenience store bathroom Sunday night.

Crystal Mae Conger, 18, of 123 Bryant St. in Omega, and Audrey Nicole Griner, 19, of 249 English Road in Pavo, were each charged with criminal damage to property (second degree) and illegal possession of alcohol. Conger was also charged with obstruction.

A Moultrie police officer was called to Rich Oil on First Street Northeast at 9:42 p.m. Sunday. The officer spoke with a convenience store employee, who stated two white females, later identified as Conger and Griner, went into the bathroom together.

While they were in the bathroom, the employee reported hearing a loud crash and thud from there. When he went to see what had happened, the girls allegedly told him everything was all right but they would not allow him to look inside, police reports stated.

When the females left, the employee found the sink had been pulled off of the wall and was broken on the floor. The damage was estimated at $500, and the employee reported seeing the two females walking from the store and gave the officers a description. A witness told the officer the two were on Sylvester Drive driving a Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

A second officer drove onto Sylvester Drive and spotted Griner and Conger standing alongside the road. The officer got out and spoke to them, but they allegedly denied being involved in anything or being at the convenience store, the reports said.

The first officer arrived at the scene and attempted to place Conger under arrest, but she allegedly tried to push him and pull away. She was taken to the ground, put in handcuffs and put into a patrol car. Griner was also placed under arrest and put into a second patrol car. Conger allegedly tried to kick out a window of the patrol car as both were being taken to Colquitt County Jail and was put into leg shackles and an additional set of handcuffs were used to restrain her.

Upon arriving at the jail, Conger allegedly continued to be combative, allegedly trying to hit the officer while being taken into the jail. She was further restrained and put into a holding cell until she calmed down and was booked into the jail, the reports said.


Moultrie Police

• Guadalupe Rivas Cardendas, 43, of 372 Tommy Meredith Road, was charged Sunday with failure to obey a traffic control device and driving without a license.

• Angelica Santis, 24, of 1204 Smith Road, was charged with a move over law violation and driving without a license.

• Julio Perez, 37, of 570 Greenfield Road, was charged Sunday with driving without a license (second offense) and speeding.

• Shawanda Genita Grier, 31, of 114 Eighth St. S.E., was charged Sunday with DUI, failure to maintain lane and an open container violation.

• Kendrick D.M. Blackwell, 18, of 1401 Ninth St. S.W., was charged Sunday with possession of marijuana less than one ounce, illegal possession of alcohol by a minor and failure to dim headlights.

• Ronald Jermaine Huckaby, 19, of 1320 Summer Circle, was charged Sunday with possession of marijuana less than one ounce and illegal possession of alcohol.

• Sarah Amelia Fort, 30, of 210 Fourth Ave. S.E., was charged Saturday with disorderly conduct and probation violation.

• Demetri Markece Suggs, 17, of 603 First St. S.W., was charged Friday with possession of marijuana.

• Gary Alvarus Thomas, 17, of 614 Third St. N.W., was charged Friday with possession of marijuana.

• Gregory Matthews Henderson, 17, of 1254 Bethel Church Road in Norman Park, was charged Friday with possession of marijuana.

• Three juvenile males were each charged Friday with possession of marijuana.

• Monique Lavette Young, 24, of 1015 Sixth Ave. S.E., was charged Friday with making a false report of a crime.

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