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Ashley Harrison Blalock

Ashley Harrison Blalock, has written a book, “An Immortal Legacy,” that, for the most part, was a little bit of an unintentional secret as far as her co-workers, friends and family were concerned. But after this Saturday’s book signing at Beans and Strings, the cat will most definitely be out of the bag and she said she was a little nervous about the whole thing.

“It’s kind of overwhelming. I feel like people will be judging a part of me,” she said.

She said that her family, including her twin sister, didn’t even know that she was writing a book until she finished it. Her grandmother was the first to read her manuscript.

“She’s read all her life and enjoyed reading it. If she hadn’t liked it, it would have ended there,” she said.

Blalock has written a book for young adults that follows the adventures of a young woman within a world of vampires and includes Moultrie and surrounding areas as some of the backdrop for the story.

“I hate to call it just a vampire book and I hate to compare it to ‘Twilight.’ It’s different. It’s a good young adult romance ... It’s easy to read,” she said.

Blalock added that she didn’t like to read stories that were hidden by “god-awful” long words and she liked stories to be fast-paced. She said she has written the book in a way that would entertain her as a reader. She said, that she has read thick books that really didn’t say much.

“It gets your attention and keeps it,” she said of her book.

Blalock said that in school she was always in the gym and participated in just about every sport.

“It’s totally not me to read much less write a book,” she added.

She said, laughing, that if she’d known that she was going to write a book, she would have paid more attention in English. She said she never would have imagined that she would work for the tax office or have written a book.

“And that’s a lesson. You need to pay attention in school because you never know what you’re going to end up doing,” she added.

“It’s crazy. Three years ago, I started reading. I had never cared about reading until then. When I had kids I had to get a new hobby,” Blalock, the mother of two toddlers, said.

She said she picked up the “Twilight Saga” and after she finished it, she started thinking about a story and dreaming about it.

“It needed to be told,” she said.

She said she started writing it down, and it just came out of her. She said she carried little notebooks around and would spend her lunch hours writing. Then, she would type it into the computer later. She finished writing the book in four months.

“It’s the first thing I’ve ever written that wasn’t required by school,” she said.

She submitted her manuscript to a publishing company which, she said, rejects 90 to 95% of the manuscripts it receives, and they accepted it and published it.

“I’m still kind of like, ‘Did I really write this? Is this all just a dream?’,” she said.

She said she has also finished a second book that will be a continuation of the story but she hasn’t submitted it to the publishing company yet. She said she is in the process of editing it and would like to wait and see what kind of response her first book gets.

“I try not to get too excited and ahead of myself,” she said.

The official release date of the book is Sept. 13 and, at that time, it will be available in bookstores and on Amazon.

The pre-release book-signing for “An Immortal Legacy” will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and Blalock will be selling and signing books. There will also be some giveaways during the event, she said. She also added that her publishing company would be setting up other local signing events and she can be contacted at

If “it didn’t come to anything,” Blalock said, it didn’t matter to her because she would write for herself anyway.

“I would rather write than watch T.V.,” she said.

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