MOULTRIE, Ga. -- The Moultrie-Colquitt County Airport Authority has been quietly at work with the Moultrie Municipal Airport runway safety project, however, the weather has gotten in the way. Time will tell when it gets finished.

With around $2.7-2.8 million to work with, the airport authority has been working toward the south-end runway safety area project since the beginning of the year.

Chairman Mike Boyd said he was excited to get the project started in recent weeks. 

However, the amount of rain has stalled progress as the airfield has been too wet to continue construction and thus leaving the finish date up in the air.

“If I had my way about it, we’d finish it next week,” Boyd said. “If the good Lord says no then that’s not how we’re going to fair. We’re really at the mercy of God.”

Finishing the project would allow the Moultrie Municipal Airport to to maintain its class four upgrade.

“That’s why we had to prioritize it,” Boyd said.

The Airport Authority had also planned a $1.5 million terminal building improvement earlier this year but tabled it to the 2021-2022 budget -- next year.

As it stands, Boyd said there’s only enough money to finish the runway safety area project. The authority may look at doing another project this year only if there’s money left over from that project.

“If we have some money left over and we have enough of it, we would like to resurface the secondary runway,” Boyd said. “But like I said, we will not know until we get this other project finished.”  

This is because in the past airport projects have run into problems where a change order was necessary. That can burn through the excess money and leave plans to fall through.

It’s a wait and see game, but it’s also a testament to the lack of funds there now. Boyd said they’d look for more funding from the government, but that’d require having both a certain amount of funds to match and government approval of the project(s).

“Really, the state and the feds together would say we will be willing to help you do this project,” he said. “Depending on the size of the project will depend on if we’ve got enough money to match it, which is a 25 percent match on our part.”

That’s for state funding. It’s 10 percent for federal funding. Boyd said he wishes there was more the airport authority could do, but for the moment, things will remain quiet.

“I wish I could tell you we had a big project coming up -- I’d like to have some more length on the runway,” Boyd said. “Unfortunately, we can only go as far as the money could take us.”

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