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Mack Trimble Jr.

On the first day of a retrial of Moultrie man accused of fatally shooting an ex-girlfriend, witnesses described seeing the defendant gun down the woman.

Eight prosecution witnesses took the stand on Monday, five of whom testified that they saw all or part of the events in front of a late-night Moultrie eatery.

Mack Trimble Jr., accused of gunning down 31-year-old Cegi Hall near the intersection of Joe Louis Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, is charged with felony murder, aggravated assault and two counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

Hall, who had a child with Trimble and was described in court as having an on-again, off-again relationship with him, was fatally shot on June 5, 2005.

Moultrie attorney Justin Allegood, who is representing Trimble, told jurors that his client is not disputing that he shot Hall. Trimble was belittled by Hall, and his state of mind is key to understanding what happened that night.

“Mr. Trimble has never denied the acts of that night,” Allegood said.

During Monday testimony, Thomasville resident Bernadette Smith told jurors she saw Hall running behind an SUV to escape Trimble. She said she saw Trimble’s arm extended toward Hall and heard a shot.

“I saw him shooting her,” she said. “She went behind the Suburban, that’s when I heard a gunshot again.”

Sammy Hill Jr. described seeing Trimble stand over Hall with a gun after she fell. Hill was brought into court in shackles, which were removed after instructions to deputies from Superior Court Richard Cowart.

Hall was shot in the leg, lower back and head.

“I seen her come from the side of the building by the store, run out into the street, trip and fall down,” said Hill, who, on cross examination, said he was in jail after an arrest for violation probation. “I saw him standing over her with a gun.”

Trimble fired one shot after Hall fell in the street, pointed the gun at his head and ran from the scene, Hill said. He said he heard another shot some time after Trimble ran away. He described the weapon used as a revolver.

Hill, who drove Hall to Colquitt Regional Medical Center, said he had been drinking that night and expressed concern about being charged with driving under the influence. He said that he was not so impaired that he was unsure about the events he witnessed.

No weapon was recovered in the case, said Moultrie Police Department Sgt. Roger Lindsay, who was the lead investigator in the case.

About an hour or hour and a half after the shooting, Trimble turned himself in at the Colquitt County Sheriff’s Office, said Lindsay, who interviewed Trimble in the early morning hours the same night.

Under cross examination, he said that Trimble expressed the hope that Hall, who lived for several hours, had not been fatally injured. Trimble confessed to the killing but would not reveal what he had done with the gun.

Trimble talked of Hall refusing money from him, having an abortion earlier in the year, belittling him and punching in the face on repeated occasions, Lindsay said.

Trimble was sentenced in February 2006 to a term of life plus 10 years following his first trial. In October 2009, Cowart granted a motion seeking a new trial. Trimble had argued that one of the jurors, whose son had been fatally shot in an unrelated attack, should not have been allowed to hear the case.

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