MOULTRIE, Ga. — A Colquitt County man was wounded with a knife on July 4, and while police did not immediately find his assailant, the victim himself went to jail.

Brian Keith Merritt, 41, called deputies to 1261 Sumner Road. He said he’d had a confrontation with a woman he knows, and she cut him with a knife. The sheriff’s office incident report says Merritt lives at the Sumner Road house, but his booking report at the jail lists his address as 840 Tillman Road.

Merritt said the woman and her daughter were with him earlier in the day. He and the woman argued and she threw a plate of food. He said he then pushed her, and she and her daughter left in her car.

Later, Merritt was working in his shop when the woman called him. He said she told him she was in the field across from the house and wanted some water. He refused and kept working.

After that, he went into his house and noticed the front door unlocked. He checked his daughter’s bedroom, which should have been empty, but the woman was there with a can of hair spray in one hand and a folding knife in the other.

He told her to leave, she refused then attacked him. He suffered a cut to the right wrist, then he hit her with a picture frame that had been lying on the bed.

He dropped his cell phone, and when he tried to pick it up, she cut him again, this time on the left pointer finger. Then she ran from the house and into the field across the road, he said.

Merritt gave deputies the woman’s name, but he couldn’t give them a clothing description. The deputy’s report did not indicate that they found her and there was no booking report with the woman’s name at the jail Friday afternoon.

EMS treated Merritt for his cuts, but said he needed to get stitches. He declined to ride in the ambulance and said a friend would take him to the emergency room.

At some point, a law enforcement officer checked Merritt’s name in the state database and learned he had a warrant for his arrest out of Cook County. Colquitt County documents did not say what the charge on that warrant is.

A Colquitt County investigator took Merritt to the emergency room, and after he was treated, she took him to the Colquitt County Jail.

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