MOULTRIE -- The Moultrie-Colquitt County Parks and Recreation Department's boys baseball program gets started Monday with regular-season Pony League and Tiny Mite games.

The Midget and Farm leagues will play practice games starting Monday.

The Midget regular season opens April 18. The Farm regular season starts April 22.

The Pony League will start Monday with Moultrie Post Form meeting Norman Park at 6 p.m. and Captain D's playing Bank of America at 7:30 p.m.

All games will be on the Pony League field at the Magnolia Sports Complex.

In Monday's Tiny Mite openers, the Doerun Boosters will meet Rocky's at 6 p.m., followed by the Wilson Plumbing-Mobley Plant contest at 7 p.m.

All Tiny Mite games will be played on Turner Field at the Magnolia Complex.

The Pony League has eight teams.

ABC has Keith Dell as its head coach. Team members are Joshua Williams, James Trimble, Jamal Hayes, B.J. McKellar, Stephen Burley, Jevaris Jackson, Timothy Miller, Russ Murphy, Jason Oxley, Skyler Pittman, Matthew Rogers, Wesley Wilkes and Josh Kelly.

Ned Tillman is the head coach Bank of America. His players are Jason Moore, B.J. Baker, Michael Barricklow, Scott Connell, Brandon Green, Jonathan Kirkland, Casey Merritt, Cole Paulk, Josh Saunders, Cason Spivey, Marcus Stancil, Joshua Sullivan and Jesse Tillman.

Head coach Floyd Argo of Captain D's has a roster that includes Ashondi Magwood, Josh Moore, Tyler Brooks, Terry Mitchell, Spencer Argo, Clif Bond, Austin Cannon, Cole Nichols, Joe Peacock, Nicholas Romero, Josh Thompson, Michael Weeks and Jeremy Bell.

The Moultrie Post Form head coach is Kent Shealy. His team includes Drew Shealy, Eris McCray, Asa Chastain, Chance Pitts, Joshua Stephens, Jason Barrett, Jeremy DeBruce, Justin Russell, Donnie Lewis, Anterio Johnson, Jared Lee, Joshua Smith and Daniel Smith.

The Norman Park team includes Adam Willis, Bruce Lindsey, Justin Frye, Parker Morgan, Catlin Yost, Justin Fender, Shaun Shiver, Matthew Reynolds, Tanner Megahee, Anthony Ferguson, Michael Dozier and Caleb Meister. The head coach is Jody Weaver.

Reynolds Construction, with Rex Reynolds as head coach, includes Austin Odum, Matt Tillery, Kenneth Chafin, Marshall Faircloth, Josh Gay, Jason Clark, Jessie Dampier, Corey Puckett, Matthew DeMott, Clay Hartley, Michael Hood, Lee Taylor and Hunter Whiddon.

The Southwest Georgia Bank roster includes Alex Cone, David Green, Timothy Gray, Joseph Hood, Ricardo Barrett, Matthew Chadwick, Jeremiah Davis, Daniel Hall, Corey Jordan, Tyler Perryman, Luke White, Parker White and Christopher Bennett. Tim White is the head coach.

Russ Davis is the head coach of the VFW team. His roster includes Billy Stewart, Justin Murphy, David Strickland, Stephen Adcock, Michael Murray, Reggie Bell, Cory Bridwell, Colby Browning, Timothy Hardin, Spencer Richardson, Les Smith, Andrew Wallace and Jay Wingate.

The Tiny Mite league is made up of 10 teams.

The Bank of America team, under coach DeWayne McAlpin, includes Aaron Woods, Lorrin Holloway, Brett Holden, Parker Pope, Dustin McAlpin, Brnadon Alonzo, Cameron Klar, Hunter Hancock, Zeke Hembree, Shawn Stewart, Tyler Stewart, Kenny Mason, Ryan Gay, Matthew Sailor and Hunter White.

The Doerun Boosters head coach is Kevin Hogencamp. His roster includes Jamie Pittman, Garrett Rhodes, Aubrey McCarty, Raymey Jenkins, Tyler Cook, Alex Sloan, Jacob Hancock, Davis Williamson, Matthew Hamrick, Martin Williamson, Dave Williamson, Peyton Childs and Jody Morris.

Holman Supply, with Mark Griffis as head coach, includes Drew Marchant, Benjamin Hegwood, Tanner Strickland, Lee Wright, Matt Griffis, Dillon Presley, Landon Bass, Austin Bass, Jacob Folsom, Jason Herring, Tyler Reynolds, Andrew Carlton, Jay Jones and Austin Newberry.

Charles Scott is the head coach of the Larry's Bait and Tackle team. His players are Stacey Blackwell, Corey Waters, Clay Carter, Trey Scott, Justin Dupree, Nicholas Crawley, Ty Edgar, Daren Kent, Billy Carter, Joe Wiggins, Taylor Cooper, Colby Durham, Jonathan Gay, Benjamin Collins, Brett Smith.

The Lindsey Fa

rms team has Keith Lindsey as its head coach. Team members are Austin Phillips, Shain Nowland, Andrew Logan, Devin Smith, Trenton Dunnigan, Tyler Shaw, Austin Spires, Clay Weeks, Skyler Lindsey, Cameron Boyd, Desmond Johnson, Quentin Johnson and Garrett Pearce.

The Mobley Plant roster includes Akiem Rhymes, Rhyeem Rhymes, Alec Daniels, Tyler Yost, Von Stripling, Matthew Gerald, Anderson Glenn, Thomas Mercer, Trevor Sellers, Levi Jones, Lance Lott, Jamari Smith, Zac Connell and Jared Johnson. Jared Yost is the head coach.

Rocky's, with Chad Eunice as head coach, has on its roster Jimmy Skeen, Cannon Jarrell, Andrew Eunice, Cody Parker, Makale Hobson, Colin Kirkland, Caleb Plymel, Justin Sullins, Daniel Argo, Hunter Coley, Bryce Giddens, Blake Seagers, Taylor Saylors and Jamerius Willis.

Mark Bennett will be the head coach of the Southwest Georgia Bank team. His players include Kristopher Bivins, Blake Bennett, Nick Taylor, Mathew Creech, Austin Sullivan, Trent Williams, Cody Carr, Cameron Matthews, Shalor Blackshear, Kerry Lewis, Steven Miller, Devontzy Ward, Zackery Saunders, Trevor Cobb and Carlos Johnson.

The Wilson Plumbing team includes Alex Littleton, Mitchell Hawes, Nathan Webb, Tyler Snipes, Corey Moore, Brandon Burnham, Jim Harrison, Jamal Jones, Alex Kimbrell, Nabrian Paige, Chad Smith, Devin Mincey, Brett Smith, Austin Conger and Taylor Newsome. Matt Littleton is the head coach.

Beth Redding will be the head coach of the Zaxby's team. Her roster includes Joseph Tillman, Preston Mobley, Alex Weldon, Bryce Redding, Jared May, Megan May, Benjamin Latiner, Megan Johnson, Teddy Kearney, Zachary Mims, John Peterson, Jordan Williams, Darryl Williams and Austin Williamson.

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