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Another's view

"A friend of mine from another part of the country was visiting recently. He was noticing all the comments about the Civil War and the flag and such.

"He was curious that some people in the South are still living in that time period. He did not gloat about the North winning the war. He considers himself American and I guess he thought that maybe the people down here should also see ourselves that way."


"I think someone has already suggested this, but I would like to repeat it since I feel it is very timely.

"Rather than identifying restaurants as having smoking and non-smoking sections, why not say that they have carcinogen and non-carcinogen sections. Let's cut to the chase in an attempt to save our lungs and our lives."

No discipline

"Anyone who cannot sit down to a good meal without smoking and without imposing that smoke on others is so void of self discipline that they are pathetic in that regard.

"I would suggest they go to a seminar on this matter but that would be like talking to a stump. These are the people who say that when their time comes to die, it's going to happen no matter what they do.

"Well I do believe that using a little common sense and respect for others can affect when that times comes."

Chew and spit

"I have another suggestion in the smoking in public places issue: Why don't we take our chewing tobacco and spit cups into the restaurants and demand our rights as well?

"Surely it will be much more disgusting but it will be less deadly to others."

Courthouse issue

"I'm sick and tired of hearing Commissioner Hall blame someone else for our courthouse problems.

"She and the other commissioners who were on duty when this project started are who we should blame for the problem!"

Settle it

"Let's settle the flag issue and start flying the first flag that ever flew in Georgia soil. A pirate flag!"

Unarmed persons

"I do not consider myself a coward for exercising my rights on the SCV issue. However, I am a little fearful about going against any group that uses rhetoric like 'enemy and target.' I also refuse to get into a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

"I think a real coward is one who cannot accept positive change or is too ignorant to see that we must go past racism and hate. We must move on to more relevant issues .

"Those that are stuck in the past will usually repeat it. We cannot afford to go through it again."

Cross burning

"To put men in prison over a simple grass fire in the shape of a cross for a period of time that equals the average prison time served in the USA by murderers is itself another injustice. It's just a symptom of a so-called justice system that is no longer on the side of the majority, yet coddles murderers, armed robbers, and forcible rapists instead of executing them (like a formerly great nation used to do)."

Doctrine changed

"Today we would reject Christianity that existed in the South before the Civil War. We have now a humanistic gospel come down from the north. Our doctrine has changed completely and most do not even know it. What a shame."

Woman hater

"I see the woman hater has returned to Rants and Raves, bemoaning that they can vote. This person must have been abused by his mother when he was very young. It's sad to see someone with so much misery."

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