Dear editor:

Upon learning that my friend, Bob Windom was leaving Sunset Country Club, I was very saddened.

I've known Bob a long time. We grew up in the same neighborhood. He and I spent many, many hours playing tennis at the city tennis courts. I always enjoyed playing tennis against Bob and for the most part, he always won. I don't think I ever beat him.

When Bob became the pro at Sunset, I was thrilled. My son Daniel took lessons from Bob. I have to say Bob is a great teacher. Daniel has learned a lot from Bob. Not only did he teach Daniel how to play, he taught him the rules of the game and how to respect the game of golf and the people you are playing against.

Bob always enjoys teaching young folks how to play the game of golf, and he is good at it. Very good.

He is one of the most liked persons I know of, and he is one of the nicest persons I know. He would bend over backwards to help and he has.

I would like to thank Bob for teaching my son how to play golf and for all of your support of our Annual Georgia-Florida-Alabama Minor League Baseball Reunion.

Most of all, thanks for being my friend. Best of luck at Kinderlou, and I know we will see you around.

May God Bless you and your family.

Clint Chafin


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