Another stupid tragedy! On July 4, a 2-year-old girl was killed by an 8-foot Burmese python in Florida. What an incredible horror!

The snake escaped from a glass aquarium and sought out the young child, no less than one of these creatures would seek out prey in the jungles from whence it came.

The death occurred at the home of the mother’s boyfriend.

The debate has been going around about whether the two “adults” should be criminally charged. The possibilities run the gamut from felony manslaughter to criminal negligence.

Of course no charge or sentence could be any worse hell than what these two “adults” will have to live with for the rest of their lives.

Many humans have been killed by such snakes that have been taken out of their natural environment. If it is an “adult” owner or knowing participator who succumbs to one of these reptiles, one might shrug it off with comedian Ron White’s declaration, “You can’t fix stupid.”

But when it involves a child who has absolutely no defense and no choice, then shrugging it off with such declaration just doesn’t fit. Certainly a crime has been committed.

Many of us have probably come to realize that common sense is not so common anymore. To even pose that a cold-blooded reptile that only knows about two things — eating and sleeping — is a pet is to incredibly stretch a definition beyond reasonable limits.

Certainly this case needs investigation by the Department of Family and Children Services, the state’s wildlife authorities and perhaps the district attorney’s office.

South Florida already has been the subject of many news features as the swamps of that area are now crawling with many thousands of these creatures, threatening the ecosystem as well as human life and conventional (cats and dogs) pet life.

What might have been a novelty of owning an exotic pet has now become a state issue in South Florida. Experts say these creatures will migrate as far north as temperatures and food supplies will allow.

While this particular python was not out in the wilds (worse yet it was in a home with an infant) its proficiency in killing is no less demonstrated.

This story should be talked about in many circles. Not because of its morbid qualities, but because the public should be reminded of the tragedy that can result when good judgement is tossed to the wind.

Again, remember that this was not an adult whose exotic inclinations did him or her in. It’s about a baby with no defense and no choice.

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