Not to sound ungrateful but when I read that the Senate is pushing for a $100 gas rebate to taxpayers, I was not impressed.

Sure I’ll take the money but does “drop in the bucket” sound appropriate or what? When summer threatens to bring $3 or more per gallon across this nation, $100 will not even pay for one month’s gas bill for most people.

Unless, they propose to give us a check every month, sort of like a welfare program we would all be on to assist us with our gas expense, forgive me, but I just don’t see the point.

Some of you might not agree because “free money” is “free money” but I would rather them keep their gas rebate checks and use the money to fund alternate energy sources. Come on folks, you know as well as I do, that the money is not really free. You’ve already paid it in and have already resigned yourself to the fact that it’s gone. Just let it go and demand that our government use it to find solutions and not use it to make lame, temporary appeasements to us. Like the royals in days past throwing gold coins to the peasants to look like they care.

Another use for the money might be to aggressively look into the oil companies and their business practices. Now the Senate is supposedly demanding the tax records of these companies to make sure that they “aren’t taking a speed pass by the tax man,” as Senator Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, put it. Yet I wonder how far they will actually pursue it once those campaign contributors start squealing.

How about letting the oil companies do their part for America and require them to designate a percentage of their profits to donate to research for alternate fuel sources. Of course, they can claim the money as a legal tax deduction so they should be happy, especially, if they are under the microscope for, dare I say, tax evasion. Of course, you know that will never happen that’s just a pipe dream.

Here’s another suggestion, why not instead of checks let each of us get $100 worth of stock in Exxon, now that’s not a lot I realize. However, at least when you hear that they are making profits and when you are filling-up your gas tanks, you might feel like you were getting a little bit of a return on your investments and who knows you just might actually get some of your money back in dividends. But I’m no expert on the stock market.

Today, I heard that the oil companies profits are actually down. Well, boo-hoo, is that supposed to make me feel sorry for them. The only one I feel sorry for is the single parent who is trying to make ends meet and will have to cut out things like taking their children to the movies or extracurricular activities because of these out-of-control prices. You know, the things that children should be able to have and do to enrich their lives.

Back to this wonderful $100 check that the GOP’s are trying to push through, along with other proposals like Alaska Refuge drilling and the prosecution of gas retailers caught gouging. This would actually be an amendment to the emergency spending measure on the floor, now, that will fund the war in Iraq and hurricane relief. As comedian Ron White says, “There’s some good news.”

Nothing like an important energy package being tacked on to incendiary legislation like spending for the war. By the time the parties come to some sort of agreement, the oil companies’ profits will be back up, gas will be $5 a gallon and bicycle sales will have peaked the most they have in the last 50 years or so. The real good news might be that we will have solved the “over-weight” issue in the United States by the end of the summer. If we, in some of the warmer states, don’t die of heatstroke first.

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