Dear NAMI friends:

Hello everyone, I want to first thank you all for being part of the Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network family.

 As we move into a more recovery focused system and more recovery focused communities, we continue to look for ways to reach out to the community as a whole to break down stigma and discrimination that still permeates our society.

 Although we do know and understand that everyone does not have Facebook, for those that do, we ask you to go on and search the Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network, and like our page.

 We have over 300 likes right now, and we want that number to grow.  Please ask your family and friends to join and like us on Facebook and follow what is going on to promote recovery.  

This is yet another avenue for us to get information out to everyone so that you are all aware of what is going on here in the great State of Georgia, and across the nation.  

As we continue to support community based recovery, new Peer Support Wellness and Respite Centers are opening, work that is being done with individuals in the communities to provide educational opportunities, and work that is being done in service providers to support recovery focused change, we want to make sure that you all have an opportunity to be involved.

These are just a few things we want to keep everyone aware of, and social media is another wonderful opportunity to do that.

 Brent D Hoskinson, CPS

Georgia Mental Health

 Consumer Network,

Decatur, Ga.

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