Consider a lifesaving gift

Dear editor:

A young man was crushed in a farm accident. He needed much blood. That blood was at the hospitals when he arrived. This accident victim's sister, a young pastor's wife, came to make a donation to the Red Cross blood bank because you had given her brother the gift of life. She wanted to be a part of this rescue team.

A senior lady came to give blood for the first time because her son had needed blood. She now knew your sacrifice had saved one of her own. She wanted to be part of this rescue team.

A young lady not yet 20 came to a blood drive even though she fainted each time she gave. Her baby brother was no longer alive, but his life had been longer and better because you had made the donations of blood that he received. She wanted to be a part of this rescue team.

Even I can say thank you to each of you who made the time and sacrificed your own comfort for the life of another.

My sister just received your help with three units of blood. Health is returning to her once again.

On Thursday, Dec. 8, between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m., a Red Cross Blood Drive will be held at the EMC building. The Barbeque Pit will provide the refreshments. Cobb Funeral Home will provide the advertisement.

The volunteers will be on hand with the Red Cross staff. We will make every effort to speed up the process and make you as comfortable as possible. You, however, are the one who can make the real life and death difference. Please come and join the rescue team.

What greater gift can you give during this holiday season! It will cost you nothing but can have a very special meaning to three people for each unit of blood donated!

Diane Stines,

Red Cross Blood Services,


Poor reporting on shooting

Dear editor:

I am the uncle of the black male that was fatally shot and killed at Reed Bingham state park. As a three-time veteran of foreign wars, I have never read an article that is filled with more autobiography substance dedicated to the suspect and his family.

You should have requested the suspect’s job resume. I understand that my nephew was just another black male.

However, my family is grieving and the article gives the appearance that my nephew’s life had no value.

Thank you for your time. I must go now on another combat patrol to fight insurgents, so the reporter will have the freedom to write substandard articles.

SGM Wayne Wright

19TH Support Center

LSA, Anaconda Balad, Iraq

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