So what the heck is a bump  stock? Simply put, it’s a device that can be attached to a semi-automatic weapon to make it a rapid fire, fully-automatic device capable of the kind of horror that unfolded in Las Vegas last Sunday where some 58 people were killed and hundreds more wounded.

And it would appear that the White House, Congress and even the National Rifle Association will support outlawing such a device.

In the past, the NRA has mostly opposed any kind of restrictions on firearms.

There simply is no need for such rapid-fire weapons outside of the military or law enforcement.

Responsible gun owners, especially the nation’s hunters, should offer their outspoken support in making it illegal to manufacture or sell devices that so easily convert weapons into mass killing machines.

There is no valid argument for a private citizen to possess such firepower.

Many of us are gun owners. Some are collectors, some are hunters, some own guns for protection and some just like sport target shooting which is a popular competition in some areas.

While our lawmakers stretched some laws way beyond reason like allowing guns on campuses, there should be no debate at all in the “bump stock” issue. Action on this issue should come quick and resounding.

We realize that those sick individuals who are committed to mayhem and massacre will often find a way to do it regardless of safeguards. But we must do what we can not to make it so convenient for their malignant minds to deliver such tragedy.

Outlawing the “bump stock” should simply be a matter of common sense. So let’s hope intelligent minds prevail.

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