Do you have thoughts about the right to bear arms and gun control? We want to share your thoughts with our readers.

We recently ran two columns on the editorial page calling for gun control measures in the aftermath of mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

Some readers were upset with the columns.  We get that.  Not everyone will agree on this, or most, issues that are politically charged.

Gun control is most certainly a hot button topic here. We care what you think about it.

Send us your guest columns and letters to the editor.

It is absolutely our desire to provide a balanced look at all the options available as America seeks to stop these recurring tragedies.

 So here’s the question to you, our readers: What can society do to stop mass killings?

Please write us a letter to the editor with your thoughts.

Please include your name and hometown, and include your phone number so we can reach you if we need to clarify something in your letter. Your phone number will not be published.

The floor is open.

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