Once a again let us note that one can honor the soldier and not the war.

We say this as the last episode of the PBS special on Vietnam has aired.

It has to be the best documentary ever produced on this great American tragedy.

We can look at the world today and not see a single positive that came from those many years of sacrificing 58,000 brave young men and women.

Indeed we honor their service and continue to mourn their loss.

This documentary cut to the bone. It included once-classified tapes which revealed the very ugly situation of politics over lives. Even the chief prosecutor of the war, then Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, eventually realized the great mistake of getting involved in an Asian war with no front. Memos that he sent to President Lyndon Johnson, eventually released to the public, advised that the U.S. was not winning this war ... that it was a bad move.

Tapes of President Richard Nixon presented in this documentary showed that he was making war decisions that might impact his re-election. Again .... politics over lives.

On this page today, columnist Cal Thomas reflects on a war that was a mistake.

The war was marked with lies to the public, atrocities against humanity in the case of Lt. William Calley in the My Lai massacre and no argument for being there in the first place... a warning issued by great military leaders such as Dwight Eisenhower and Omar Bradley.

It seems hard for many  Americans to admit that the war was a mistake, but this documentary is an indictment that cannot be ignored. Certainly it is therapeutic for it to be aired in a no-holds barred fashion. The truth still hurts.

Again we honor the soldiers. They gave their best and some gave their all.

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