"I really enjoyed reading the Men in Business section put out by The Observer. I have seen many of these men around town and do business with a lot of them too. It was nice to read about their histories, their families and their views on our community. I thought it was a good information piece.

Jim Crow?

"You were doing pretty good with your support of Kerry and his Vietnam stance, but you lost me when you stuck that line in about fighting Jim Crow laws.

We have talked

"So you think we haven't talked to Ray Norman about our concerns? How about the shift in the road paving schedule when he took office? We have complained about the conditions of our roads in this district, to no avail. He responded that the county only has limited funds for current paving projects. My question is why change the order of the paving roads to suit his needs, not what was in the plans for years?


" What does tyranny and serving on the housing board have to do with one another? Just sounds like more dramatic over embellishment by one of our regular paranoids.

Legalize drugs

"Crime centers around drug use. If you want crime to stop. consider decriminalization. Any fool can see the drug laws don't work.

I agree

"I agree with the doctor/physician assistant dilemma here in Moultrie. Who needs them? We all want to see our doctor who we know and trust.


"I would like to tell the person who wrote about seeing those physician assistants. Thank you. I agree. I don't want to pay full price for half the goods! I go to see a doctor and that is who I want to see. If I am sick with a sore throat maybe, but definitely not a joint problem.


"Can a judge legally order where a defendant must seek his bond monies? Or is the 'where from' portion of the bond money more important than the actual amount of the bond?

Also, isn't there a correlation between low bond amounts and flight risks, especially when associated with violent crimes. Not to mention the fact that the defendant is an illegal alien, with out-of-country locations to flee too? Hello...

Curious bond

"Why does it matter "where the bond money comes from Judge Lilly? Didn't you release (pending bond posting) : 1) a person illegally in this country, and 2) a person who allegedly murdered another person, with only a $10,000 bond? I've seen more expensive bonds for offenses far less serve than murder? And that involved legal U.S. citizens! What is up with that?!


"I, too, want to applaud Hoyt and Faye Holland for their efforts in helping raise money for the veterans bus. This need was a crucial one .

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