Dear editor:

Today is the first day of my fourth week in college. Everyone around here is loving it. They are living it up and loving this newfound freedom. I, however, find myself missing home more and more each day. I am not telling you this to gain your sympathy or pity. I just wish to make you realize how appreciative I am of my hometown.

Moultrie is not only my hometown. It is a place of love and warmth, a place of smiles and hospitality. Moultrie is the place that taught me to say “Yes ma’m” or “No sir.” It is the place that taught me to wave to those who pass by for no reason at all. Moultrie is the home that other people wish they had.

After being around many students from all over the state, I don’t hear anyone talk about their hometown like I do. Most of the students say “I couldn’t wait to leave!” Not me. I find myself counting the days until I can return to my home sweet home. Many people have told me, just give it a month or two and it will get better. That may be true. But nothing can replace the feeling of walking down the halls at CCHS on a football Friday, seeing everyone decked head to toe in their Packer colors. Nothing could touch the atmosphere of a night at Mack Tharpe Stadium, cheering and chanting your friends and classmates to victory. Nothing could ever take the place of that feeling you get when you step on the field at Packer Park, just waiting to take it to Lowndes or Tifton. I can’t think of a more humbling or awesome feeling than to walk into any Packer Football game and see the thousands of fans who traveled minutes or hours to see our team play.

Knowing that our entire community has one common bond is an amazing thought. Whether you’re rich, poor, black, white, nerd, jock, old, or young, we are all there on the sidelines on Friday night as one community, one body. Football may cause lots of controversy about allocation of money or recruiting players, but it also is a force to be reckoned with.

If we could bottle up what Colquitt County football fans have and sell it, we would be the richest county in the world. Our fan base, by far, outnumbers any others at away games and play-off games.

 Our fans are the most loyal, dedicated, devoted ones out there. And we all know that whether the Pack gets slaughtered or does the slaughtering, when the game is over, we will be standing there with open arms and loving smiles.

All this being said, I would like to say how much I appreciate Moultrie and it’s citizens. I have loved all eighteen and a half years of growing up there. The memories and friends made in my hometown will be ones that I will never forget. There really is truth in the saying “Home is where the heart is.”

Wherever life takes me— halfway across the world or halfway across the town— there will always be a piece of my heart in Moultrie, Georgia. I have and will always be in love with the southern, sweet tea drinkin’, cotton growin’, cattle raisin’, God fearin’, Bless your heartin’, football lovin’ place I call home.

Go Pack!

Jordan Hammack


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