Dwain Walden

There are all sorts of issues out there that claim our attention such as the economy and its plethora of side issues.

But in Ashburnam, Mass., the issue is doughnuts.

It seems that someone has decided that the town should not be buying doughnuts for a senior center because it “promotes unhealthy eating for a segment of the society that already has health issues.”

Francis “Bill” Johnson, chairman of the advisory board in Ashburnham, suggested the “no doughnut” rule. And 67-year-old Senior Center regular Betty Bushee says no one has the right to tell seniors what to eat.

I’m voting with Betty.

I think when you become a senior citizen, you have earned doughnuts. You may also have earned banana splits and double root beer floats.

Now don’t confuse what I’m saying with promoting unhealthy eating. I’m not saying that you should fry your fish in hog lard or eat fat back every morning for breakfast. I’m just saying that life is an adversary system, and I think if you live to a ripe old age, you are entitled to “fudge” a little.

Personally, I wouldn’t even oppose a silver-haired platinum-level citizen puffing a Cuban cigar and having a sip of Jack Daniels. And if I was that councilman, I would recant in a hurry lest I be called a “doughnut hole.”

I try to eat healthy myself. That doesn’t mean I gnaw on twigs and sip seaweed tea. I eat regular food, but I try to practice moderation, and I exercise a lot. I think proper perspective is a good tandem to proper diet.

One day I had just left the gym from a hard workout when I got rear-ended by a daydreamer. He hit me doing about 45 miles per hour, totaling both our vehicles, knocking me right between two oncoming vehicles.

I was barely conscious when a witness got to me to render aid. I was covered in blood and broken glass, but surprisingly I was feeling little pain. It was a miracle that I walked away from that crash.

So later that day I got to thinking about the fact that I had done three or four extra sets of exercises before I left the gym, and I felt really good about that at the time. Two hours later it could have meant absolutely nothing as something totally unrelated to my desires for good health fell upon my head and shoulders like a bad scene in a Road Runner cartoon. Likewise, at lunch I could have chosen a celery stalk over a French fry and the issue still could have been moot.

There are lots of forces among us that can do us in. Certainly it pays to try to stay healthy and avoid as many cosmic potholes as we can. But there is a concept called “quality of life” which deserves some air time, particularly for seniors.

Now I would not want to tempt fate by doing handstands on the precipice, but somehow I just don’t see doughnuts for senior citizens as dancing with the devil. I just hope common sense prevails at that town council and that Bingo doesn’t suddenly require a gaming license.

By the way, do they still have cakewalks anywhere? Or has the food police and ultra-puritans shamed us away from that old tradition?

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