Dear editor:

I finally got to where I could watch the movie everyone in the Middle east is upset about. "Innocence of Muslims" And yes they have a right to be. They make Mohamed out to be this psycho idiot and that he was just a stupid idiot.

OK folks because we are on the Baptist Belt here how would you feel if someone made a movie making Jesus out to look as stupid as they made Mohamed to look. Granted the violence was too much but it did get our attention. Now I am a Christian but that has got to be the most stupid thing I have ever seen.

That is not how you save souls. That is how you get Muslims very angry and so that if you tried to talk to them they would either leave or not be very happy campers around you. That movie has done a billion times more harm to working with Muslims than anything could to date.

But hey I am sure there are other Christians out there that think "Yea condemn them make them look stupid cause they are if they aren't Christian." That is not the attitude to have when you tell someone about Christ. I guess the old saying you get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar would apply here. The honey would be you respect their religion and since they consider Jesus as one of their prophets then there is your doorway in. That is the honey.

 Stupid movies like the one I speak of is the vinegar. Oh and just so you know the bombers are to the Muslims like David Karesh was to the Christian faith.

 Only they are much more violent. They are a radical offshoot not the general concensus of the whole religion. Now that does not make being Muslim right.

 I just want you to know not every Muslim is trained from birth to be a bomber.

Bottom line, in my Opinion that was one of the stupidest movies ever made. They never should have wasted the time or the film on it.

Charles Rice


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