"A California farmer on the radio claims that he could not get 'Anglo

children' to pick avocados at $15 per hour wages, though I do not

believe him or that he made much effort to hire Americans.

I, as a grown 'Anglo' man, would gladly pick avocados at that wage, so

it is a lie, continuously spread for convenience, that says that

Americans won't work on farms!

In response

"I'm sorry to hear that someone is getting tired of hearing about gas

prices here. I wouldn't blame you not wanting to be part of a station

that sold for 50 cents a gallon because they would make no profit and

the lines would be a mile long! But really I think you are missing the

point. Most citizens of Moultrie would like to be able to brag and see

that our gas prices are just as low as surrounding cities. More people

would shop locally if that were the case.

You see, normally where you have high gas prices most people expect

other stores sell high also which is true most of the time.

We need more industry here and we need to attract out-of- town shoppers,

but we won't do that with high gas prices. Of course the gas price

difference is just a start, but you have to start somewhere.

Out of context

"Quoting the Bible out of context and without a proper education to

compliment what you are reading does little to enhance Christian ideals.

Take for instance the thing about '666.' Those numerals mean nothing to

the Christian life except in the ancient context of which they were

presented. As for horoscopes, those have no more evil connotation than

does the Farmers' Almanac. They are no more witchcraft or soothsaying

than are jack 'o lanterns. They are games, novelties.

By the way, do the persons who have spewed this dogma eat pork? I don't

know many Southern Baptists who don't eat pork but that was a rule from

the Old Testament which basically prevented disease while the children

of Israel were wandering around in the desert.

Today, with new food processing, the rule does not apply. In fact, given

the impact of Mad Cow disease, it might even be better for you.


"Thanks for the story about how other people celebrate Christmas. Given

that we have another culture in our midst, understanding them is much

better than cursing them.


"The holidays are fast passing us by. However, we can expect to see some

Christmas decorations up until the pecan trees bud. This would be a good

New Year's resolution for some folks -- take them down in a timely



"My family has thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas decorations in our

community this season. And we have especially enjoyed the lights that

cascade down from the courthouse.

We have visited several area towns during this holiday season and each

town has its own unique displays for the holidays.

Moultrie's tradition of Christmas lights is known throughout South

Georgia and for the youngsters, it's an awesome sight to see those

lights reflecting in their eyes and hear their comments of wonderment.

And that's not to say that we older children enjoyed them any less.

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