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As I sit here in my living room with tears running down my face, giving thanks to almighty God from whom all blessings come during this time with the coronavirus — but I say to the Moultrie, Ga., community and all over the world that not to be scared and have no fear. Just pray and leave it in God’s hand.

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Why are our churches closing the doors? We say we have faith, why not use it in this time? Only God knows when, where and how this will all end. 

In this time of uncertainty, it seems to me that one of the most valuable things to have is information from leaders in our community. With up-to-date information available to us, we as individuals and families have the knowledge to make important decisions in a world where the situation is changing daily.

People with this coronavirus are taking it too far. If people would pray and turn from their wicked ways, then they won’t be so scared of the coronavirus. 

I’ve lived in Colquitt County my whole life. Until retiring, I grew row crops (cotton, peanuts, corn and tobacco) and raised cattle for a while. While I rent my farm to another farmer who grows cotton and peanuts, I keep up with farm issues.

Well, I didn’t plan on an ongoing discussion of the school system’s purchase of school bus tires, but Superintendent Howell’s letter in the January 31 Observer left some lingering questions. So, in accordance with the Georgia Open Records Act, I requested some written information from the school system which was provided on a timely basis.

I am a Georgia farmer, the wife of a Georgia farmer, the mother of Georgia farmers, the daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter of Georgia farmers as well as the grandmother of future Georgia farmers.  I farm land that my family obtained from service in two wars, and my sons farm land that has been in their father’s family since the early 1800s.

House Bill 545 will protect farmers’ rights to produce safe and abundant food here in Georgia, and Georgia Farm Bureau urges lawmakers to pass the legislation. The purpose of the bill is to prevent established farms from being unfairly harassed and forced out of business as nuisances.

This Valentine’s Day, many Veterans who fought to preserve our freedoms will be hospitalized, receiving the medical care they earned, but separated from the homes and communities they defended.  No one should be alone on Valentine’s Day, and with the help of our grateful community, no Veteran has to be.

On Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020, Donald Trump was acquitted on impeachment charges. The reason why he was acquitted was because we didn’t have enough Democratic senators in the Senate. That comes from people not voting.

The House Speaker should have taken the high road after being snubbed by the president but no one who gleefully sat back while the president mocked a handicapped man, degraded women and hurled daily public insults has the right to say a word about it.

What a Presidential speech. Very inspiring. Unfortunately the Dems were not for anything. The lack of manners was astonishing. The speaker was just petty and rude. It is so obvious the Dems only have rage and hate for the President. They have no ideas and seem against everything. They were c…

Moultrie is such a beautiful town, and one of the reasons is our wonderful trees. From the courthouse to the residential areas and throughout the county, we are surrounded with a marvelous array of magnificent trees and woodlands.

In the Wednesday, Jan. 8, Rant and Rave, somebody said that Rush Propst is going to mess up USA Academy like he did CCHS. Rush Propst didn’t mess up this school — the board and superintendent and 75 percent of the fake friends that laugh in Rush Propst’s face did.

“That was AWESOME!” That remark could have been after one of the Packer wins, following the lighting of the Square for Christmas, a great Fourth of July picnic…but it wasn’t. The comment was made by a second grade student who floated on his back, unsupported, for the first time. 

The State Bar of Georgia congratulates Southern Judicial Circuit Senior Assistant District Attorney James L. Prine II of Thomasville on his appointment by Gov. Brian Kemp to serve as a Superior Court judge for the Southern Circuit, which covers Brooks, Colquitt, Echols, Lowndes and Thomas counties.

Early on in Americas defense against aggressive Eastern Asian Countries, Pres. George Washington paid the Dey of Algiers one million in gold to protect American shipping interest in the Mediterranean from Barbary Pirates, employed by the Dey of Algiers. 

I have a very important issue that I think needs to be discussed in the public arena. A lot of times, people are concerned about raising taxes. What I want to discuss here is something similar to that, but also different.

A little more than 2000 years ago, there was darkness in the world. People all over the world were searching for a light in the darkness. God saw our need and sent His son to be a light for His people. On that first Christmas morning, some people didn’t see the light because they were focused on the darkness.

All indications are showing that Boris Johnson will be the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom this Thursday. The question is how big a majority will he get? If he has a comfortable majority in the House of Commons, the UK Parliament will go back to conduct its business by first getting out…

Follow the yellow brick road to see the wizard … to find your forever home … if only I had a brain … if only I had the heart … if only I had the courage not to allow so many to be killed-dumped rather than be adopted into a forever home.

Service oriented businesses and construction trades want the public “To Have A Little Patience.” They’ve got to know my patience gene has long since shriveled-up, it may even be totally dead.

This is in response to the person who questioned the legality of the school ticket sales. You should be ashamed of yourself. You never know when something this devastating could happen to your family. And, why do you care? Instead of hiding behind the rant and raves you should submit a lette…

I have been concerned for quite some time about the issue of lead-based paint in many of our older properties in the City and County.  I am thankful that the City has adopted the International Property Maintenance Code which addresses health and safety issues such as lead-based paint.

Today’s banking rules require repeated debt and a flourishing credit report. I suppose this order is required of everyone regardless of wealth, in case our Federal Congress requires propping-up for more laws and rules similar to the infamous federal housing loans “Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae or in case corporate America requires bailouts.

Some thoughts on the homeless in San Francisco, California and throughout our country. Randy Vining, has been on the road living in various modes of  transport, without bounds for forty years — he has written his story, “Forty Years A  Nomad” and posted interviews on “U” Tube.

A disturbing number of veterans take their own lives in the U.S. On average, approximately 7,300 veterans die from suicide each year. 

My visit with [an employee] at our Colquitt County Health Department gave me disturbing information on exactly how the district office in Albany dropped our septic tank licensing employees because of a single lawsuit on a bad septic survey.

Those of us in Agriculture greatly appreciate all the prayers for rain recently. I think most everyone in the area has received a goodly amount in the past couple of weeks. Now, it is time to change gears and pray for abundant sunshine.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently reported (AJC Politics, 6/6/19) that the state’s Department of Community Health is terminating Medicaid assistance for about 17,000 poor elderly or disabled Georgians. This decision is not only morally wrong, it’s bad fiscal policy.

Do you live in Moultrie? Our City Council, with the Mayor and the City Manager’s support, passed a regulation that affects every home and building within the city limits. In a state that fiercely protects the Bill of Rights, it is ironic that the city of Moultrie has quietly eroded the 4th Amendment rights of its citizens who should have the highest expectation of privacy in their own homes.

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