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Debate is an important part of our representative government. Refusal to debate in favor of filibuster demonstrates the lack of respect for the American people.

I want to thank all of my friends and their friends for your prayers during my recent critical surgery in Florida. I know I was on many of the local churches’ prayer list as well as many individual ones in several states. I had three of my family members with long lists of names that were concerned about this as I have always been a hard worker all my life.

On behalf of the State Bar of Georgia, I am writing to extend congratulations to Gregory Voyles of Gregory A. Voyles P.C. in Valdosta on his appointment by Gov. Brian Kemp to serve as a Superior Court judge for the Southern Judicial Circuit, covering Brooks, Colquitt, Echols, Lowndes and Thomas counties.

Our society is in the hands of the next generation, but we don’t take advantage of it. So how can we enhance participation in this year’s election? Based on data from the last election, less than half of young, eligible voters turned out to the polls. This year, we at Georgia PIRG want to raise that percentage to over half. To do this, we aim to reach out to everyone we know and give them guidance on the voting process.

September is Suicide Prevention Month and it's important that we are there for each other and take steps to prevent suicide. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's theme for the month is to #KeepGoing, by taking simple actions to safeguard our mental health and save lives.

It has been a difficult five months and while I am no prognosticator, my gut tells me we are coming to the end of this particular nightmare. A new nightmare may present itself in the future, but that is for God alone to know and not for me to guess. In my small mind, life is for the living. I constantly remind my students to “Carpe Diem” (seize the day), for we know not how many days we have. 

After hurricanes have hit, tornadoes have blown through or some other disaster has struck, one of the most common things we hear from survivors as they stand in the rubble is something like, “Thank goodness, we still have our health.” They say that because even while absorbing the shock of their disaster they realize that those who have health still have hope and those who have hope have the key resource to everything else. 


Under an "emergency" power, the President has ordered that no Social Security taxes will be withheld from workers' pay from September through December with the idea of prompting more spending with these savings and helping the economy.

We're now living out absurdities, one after another, and there is no end in sight. The Coronavirus is itself an absurd event, turning our lives upside down, and how it's been handled in Georgia and at the national level is ridiculous.

As the coronavirus rages on across our state, it has caused yet another crisis — child hunger. Thousands of families with kids right here in Georgia are now dealing with unemployment, rising food prices, eviction and hunger. And yet Congress continues to fail these children by leaving nutrit…

We need to talk about the Confederate monument on the Colquitt County courthouse square. Symbols have meanings and I want to address the complex meaning of Confederate statues across the United States. 

I recently received a revised assessment notice for my residential property in Tallokas Trail Subdivision. The increase in assessed value was a shocking 15%. So my first move was to call the county assessor for an explanation. We had a lengthy, cordial conversation, and I will share what I learned with you. I made no notes during our conversation, so the following is stated to the best of my memory along with my occasional thoughts.

Someone who has not taught public school nor had children attend a public school criticized what she believes is being taught in public schools. She quoted excerpts from textbooks, and she used them as a basis to assert that teachers are not teaching facts. She was conflating the information in a textbook with what effective teachers do. They are not the same things. 

With just over 40 years trying to act like an adult, I want to step aside and look at what our country looks like right now. At 60 years old, so many things look so unfamiliar to me that I wonder where I’ve been for the last four decades.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertainty and caused budgetary shortfalls in Georgia and throughout the United States. Sales taxes have plummeted, and locally-owned businesses are focused on serving their customers safely. 

Public opinion nixes the 1st amendment freedom of speech of the N.Y. Times editor who wrote "Buildings Matter.” Slogan writers of "Black lives matter" objected; editor is forced to resign.

Even with Donald Trump's personal flaws, I will vote for him. I have over 60 million reasons for doing so. That is the approximate number of abortions performed in the U.S since Roe v Wade in 1973.

Growing up in Moultrie in the ’90s, I remember the “WWJD?” (What Would Jesus Do?) bracelets. Today, I am angered to see Americans who profess that question as their creed embrace Donald Trump, a man whose character, actions, and words blatantly contradict Christ. 

I've been thinking about what's happened over the last two weeks with the death of George Floyd. His death should never had happened. I don't mind the protesting as long as it is peaceful. Let the courts handle it correctly. A peaceful protest says a lot more than protests with riots, looting and destruction. 

The article in June/July ITG Next sports magazine about a phenomenal diver Hunter Kebler — novice to collegiate in three years. Ryan and Penny Kebler moved to Moultrie from St. Petersburg, Fla. in 2010, with their 8-year-old son Hunter. Read the magazine for Hunter's story.

These are critical times in which we are living and first responders have a definite role in keeping us safe. Our first responders have a very difficult job and we should take every opportunity to say “thank you” to each of them whenever the opportunity arises.

There is trouble across America. The Coronavirus crisis is threatening our way of life while political and social havoc is tearing away the fabric of decency and good order.

COVID-19 in Moultrie is on the rise and people still don't wear masks or do social distancing. We have not heard anything from the City of Moultrie on this subject.. We need to encourage citizens to wear masks to protect our citizens. To the younger people of Moultrie, wear a mask to protect your grandparents.

Dion Brown here from the Colquitt County Baptist Association. My ministry assistant showed me a recent article in the Observer that linked two local COVID cases to churches in our community. The implication in the way it was stated was that these folks contracted the virus as a result of attending church.  

Lewis Carroll wrote that Alice in Wonderland “had never forgotten that, if you drink from a bottle marked ‘poison,’ it is almost certain to disagree with you, sooner or later.” It was good of Alice to remember that precaution because not everybody would have gone to the trouble. Some people …

NAFTA, a word not discussed at the dinner table. My position, I feel it essential that everyone becomes aware, awareness makes for good government. Congress must become responsible to the American people and disallow agenda’s that may result in the beginning of the end of this Republic.

Perhaps we need guidance from “Hal,” the computer generated commander aboard the 1984 spacecraft bound for Mars. Our hopeless leaders in government deliver meaningless thoughts. They are like yapping dogs - daily media and congress drone the same message.

Do you know what supplies you should have stored in case of a disaster or national emergency? If not, you’re not alone. New survey data from the nonprofit DisasterChecklist.org shows most families are unprepared for natural disasters -- including the one we are living through now.

What a crazy and uncertain time we are in with all of our attention given to the coronavirus. With our men at Crossroads experiencing similar feelings as you and I, this virus has reminded me of a biblical truth I so easily forget --sowing and reaping. What we put into our minds, through whatever media outlet, is planting seeds that will reap a harvest.

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